Baron and Makiyo Seen Together Again

Makiyo attended close friend Fan Fan's last birthday party as a single woman on the eve of March 15th. As the theme for the party was military/civil service costumes, Makiyo was seen dressed in a cop uniform.

After the press released news of Baron and Makiyo's "friendship," reporters have been following the two closely. Around midnight, the press caught Baron walking alone near the party destination. When the reporter asked whether he was looking for Makiyo, Baron showed off a surprised expression, immediately rejected answering the question, and left the scene quickly.

About half an hour later, Makiyo and good friend and soon-to-be-husband of Fan Fan, Blackie "Charles" Chen, exited the building. When asked if Makiyo was waiting for Baron, she answered no while apparently looking around the area. Not long after, a silver Benz pulled up and Makiyo was seen entering the passenger seat of Baron's car. Looking to avoid the press, Baron sped off right after.

When asked whether Makiyo and Baron's "relationship" was stable yet, Baron's manger replied that he did not know the details but making friends with other entertainers is pretty normal. Makiyo's sister further responded that the two did not spend the night together and that because the two are only good friends, Baron was simply giving Makiyo a ride home.

Source: Apple Daily

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