Barbie Hsu meets her chubby wax-double

The Madame Tussauds Museum in Hong Kong created a wax figure for Barbie Hsu based on her upcoming movie Future X-Cops. Da S checked out her double yesterday and pointed out some differences, “My face is slimmer. The teeth, chin and nose have the closest resemblance, it’s pretty scary to see my wax figure up close.” When asked about the body, she said, “They added a little something extra at the front.” She joked that the wax figure can change into a sexier outfit once her movie finishes its run at the theaters, so its hot body won’t go to waste. She plans to bring her family to the museum to see the waxed “Da S” in person.
Da S should feel too bad because her double is already a big improvement from Pattaya Jerry

Future X-Cops trailer (By the looks of its not-so-special special effects, this could turn into a potential cult hit...)

Source:, Mingpaonews, mistermjones2009's Channel

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