Andy Lau meets Xiao Xiao Bin after working with his dad 25 years ago

Andy Lau visited Taiwan for 36 hours to promote his new movie Future X-Cops. At the premiere of the movie, Xiao Bin Bin brought his son Xiao Xiao Bin along to show their support. Interestingly, Andy Lau and Xiao Bin Bin filmed the movie Magic Crystal together 25 years ago. Xiao Bin Bin was only five when he worked with the megastar, which also happens to be his son’s current age. Andy Lau was shocked by their strong resemblance and said to Xiao Xiao Bin, “How come you look so much alike Xiao Bin Bin.” Xiao Xiao Bin made Andy Lau laughed by saying, “Of course my dad looks like me!”

Over a hundred Andy Lau fans attended at the event and rocked the theater with their screams. It proved that the star’s charisma hasn’t diminished since announcing his marriage last year. Andy Lau couldn’t resist Xiao Xiao Bin’s charms himself. He rubbed the boy’s ear, touched his chin, and even held his hand. Whenever Xiao Xiao Bin looked like he has something to say, the star would bend down or squat to listen.

Andy Lau said, “I was just telling him, ‘You are fatter than your dad when he was young’, he answered me right away, ‘My dad is fatter than me right now!’” He praised Xiao Xiao Bin for being very cute. Now that even the child star he once worked with has two sons, Andy Lau was asked if he wants to have his own children. He felt a bit awkward but still answered with a smile, “I would think (about it).” When asked for the definition of a good father, he said, “Put their concern on their children at all time.”

Child star Xu Jiao is also part of the star-studded cast from Future X-Cops. She was only 9 when she played a boy in the movie CJ7, but she is now a 13 year-old teenage girl. She wasn’t worried about Xiao Xiao Bin taking the attention away at all, and said she even wanted to pinch his cheeks because he is so cute. Xiao Xiao Bin responded back by saying, “(You) must ask my dad if you want to pinch me.”
(Clockwise starting from the left) Mike He, Barbie Hsu, Xu Jiao, Blackie and Xiao Bin Bin, Xiao Xiao Bin and Andy Lau

Source: AppledailyTW

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