Andy Chen meets look alike twin Ah Ben

AK's Andy Chen and Kris Shen were invited on Channel [V]’s WAHSBBT. The moment Ah Ben saw Andy, he shouted, “A lot of netizens say that we look alike!”

Andy Chen revealed that one time, his grandma suddenly called him and asked, “How come you didn’t tell me that you’re hosting a new show?” Andy was dazed and confused, but he later realized that his grandma was referring to Ah Ben after he turned on his TV to check.

In another instance when he was on a plane, a flight attendant went up to him and asked if he was Ah Ben. Although Andy said that he wasn’t, the flight attendant wouldn’t give up and continued to call him Ah Ben. Andy apologized that he really wasn’t Ah Ben, but that made the flight attendant angry, which she said, “You’re definitely Ah Ben! When you were on the plane last time, I also serviced you, how can you have forgotten me already?” Andy was speechless and didn’t know what to do.

Andy explained that he would always clarify that he “isn’t Ah Ben” whenever he is mistaken for him. Upon hearing this, Ah Ben immediately jumped in, “What’s bad about looking like me?!” Andy and Ah Ben actually started fighting and host Blackie, who was watching on the side, made fun and said they look like they were shouting at themselves in the mirror.

Source: UDN

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