Ambrose Hui speaks out about his case

Ambrose Hui held a press conference yesterday in regards to his police investigation that made headlines last week. He is suspected of instigating a gang-related shooting incident, in which he was summoned for questioning on the 25th. 

Accompanied by his lawyer, Ambrose Hui explained that the incident had started in October of last year. He began by stating that he did not instigate any conflicts, hurt anyone or any shootings, and he had no involvement with gangs. He said he won’t destroy his own future and denied he was beaten.

Concerning the incident on October 17th of last year, Ambrose Hui said he it was his 33rd birthday and his motorcycle-mechanic friend invited him to the Sparks nightclub to celebrate. He happened to meet a woman which he had known as he was leaving the club. While they were chatting, a drunken man punched him, so he quickly left the scene and returned home. He later heard that his friends and the man had a fight. His mechanic friend said a gang boss also came asking for money. Ambrose Hui said he didn’t pay any attention at the time, and he hasn’t been in touch with the person after the incident.

He spoke with the print media after the press conference, “The media’s speculation is too ‘over’. If I’m involved with gangs, why would I be allowed to leave after the hearing?” He said the event has taken him to the lowest point of his entertainment career.  He had to turn down an invitation to be a guest judge at the mainland Super Girl event. The investigation is expected to take 4 months, so he said his work (schedule) will be greatly affected.

Ambrose Hui said over his 9-year career, all news about him have been bad news, “(I) have been 'the other man' in other people’s relationship before (referring to Penny Lin and Lin Yo-Wei), I was wrong.” However, he stressed again that he has no involvement with gangs. He said he was frightened while riding in the same car as gang members when they were being taken to the police. He asked, “Would I still be able to continue as an entertainer? Would the Taiwanese audience still accept me?”

Source: AppledailyTW, Libertytimes

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