Amber Kuo wants to play a motel owner in new movie?

Five hundred fans showed up in Taichung yesterday to support Amber Kuo and co-stars Joseph Chang and Jack Yao in the new movie, “Au Revoir Taipei.” Besides the fans giving their passionate screams to the crew, the weather was especially nice and sunny yesterday. Joseph Chang, who loves visiting the park in front of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts commented, “Taichung’s malls and restaurants are super big. They’re like the ones from overseas.”

Since the crew filmed at many locations in Taipei for the movie, holding the fan meeting at Taichung sparked some inspirations. Since 99-percent of the award winning movie was shot at night time in Taipei, Amber joked to the director, “(We) should make a movie called, One Day Taichung, and film 99-percent of it during the day.” Amber added that she would like to play the owner of the largest motel in Taichung as a breakthrough role. Jack Yao immediately said that he would play a mysterious guest at the motel.

Source: Appledaily

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