Amber Kuo graces the cover of Vogue

The star of the upcoming movie Au Revoir Taipei recently visited the Ko Samui island to do a photo shoot for the new issue of Vogue. Amber Kuo talked about her struggles behind her first movie, which has already won the Asian Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Amber Kuo revealed that many people discouraged her from working on the movie. She had just wrapped up a TV drama at the time and was about to begin promotions for her new album. Everyone worried the schedule was too tiring for her, so she had to put in a lot of effort to convince them, “I said, ‘Let me do it, I can go without sleep.’ Over the 40 days of filming, (I would) do promotions for my album during the day, and then film the movie in the evenings until 5 AM.”

Amber Kuo brought along her 80 year-old grandma for the Vogue cover shoot. She turned out to be quite an avid photographer, taking many pictures of the beautiful scenery and her grandmother. She said, “Grandma likes to go out. I promised my grandpa, who is in heaven, to take good care of my grandma.”

Trailer for Au Revoir Taipei

Source: VogueTW, Liberty Times, Chinatimes, Nownews

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