Aloys Chen opens up about mystery son on an upcoming interview

Despite having already released three albums in mainland China, the multi-talented star is better known for his films and movies to the Taiwanese audience.  Aloys Chen is finally visiting Taiwan for the first time as a singer.  He met with the media in a press conference to introduce his third album Me.

Although it's no secret that he has an eight year-old son, Aloys Chen has kept a low profile concerning his family life, “I have never denied that I have a son, but that is the limit of my sharing.” He wanted to apologize to all the A-List female stars who have been rumored to be the mother of his child.  As part of his promotion activities, he was interviewed by the Golden Bell-winning news anchor Shen Chun-Hua on her show yesterday.  Early news reports indicated that he was surprisingly candid on answering questions about his son.

In the interview, Shen Chun-Hua asked, “How did (your son) You-You came about?” Aloys Chen initially avoided the question and said, “By birth.”  He added, “The question I’m most unwilling to answer, ‘Is he my (biological son)’, if the media ask me that directly, I would walk away in anger, because I’m not being respected.” However, Shen Chun-Hua encouraged him to clarify the rumors since his son is already eight years old, and his fans care about him. After she suggested him to explain it once and for all, Aloys Chen reportedly admitted that he is indeed the biological father (*this is based on the article, the interview itself will be aired later this week on Cti), but he did not talk about the identity of the mother.

Aloys Chen also shared the joy of being a father with the host, he said, “When we finished bathing, I would bite his (You-You) feet to show him my love as his father. Later on, he went to school and bit his classmates’ feet. He thought it was a way to show that he likes them.  I don't know if I should laugh or cry.” Following his blockbuster Mulan, which made over 100 million RMB in the mainland, Aloys Chen will begin filming the movie New Dragon Inn with costar Guey Lu-Mei in August.

In related news, Aloys Chen visited the famous Longshan temple in the Wanhua district. Apparently, he has been a devoted Buddhist for 14 years, “Whenever I encounter something bad in my heart, (I) would spend some time at the temple. If not, (I) would retreat at home.” He said these emotions have come up more often over the past two years. Unlike other tourists who became lost once they got into the temple, he looked like a pro as he grabbed a stick of incense and put his head down. When asked what he had prayed for, Aloys Chen smiled and said he hopes his album will do well.  He also wishes the best for everyone and hopes some rain will come for the drought-plagued Southwest China.

Source: AppledailyTW, UDN

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