AK will hit nightclubs to promote their first album

While other idol groups are on hiatus or busy with their oversea promotions, AK will try to make a place for themselves in the highly competitive teen market. They were tested earlier this month with several street performances, in which they even got some unexpected support from Uncle G-string. However, their real test will come when they perform at the famous gay bar Funky Nightclub on April 30th. 

Andy Chen is pretty confident about the performance because his gay friends have told him that they are quite enthusiastic, and won't hesitate from giving cheers and applause. His “partner” Kris Shen said he has never been to a gay bar so it will be a special experience. The two are practicing their dances in hopes to bring something new to the audience.

Their manager Ben was asked if Kris Shen is old enough to perform at nightclubs since he doesn’t turn 18 until November. He said, “We are starting at 10 in the evening, and will finish before 12. (We) asked already and there should be no problem.”  AK will have their first concert at another nightclub, Luxy, on May 15th, and their debut album will be released at the end of April.

Source: UDN

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