AK stars in a new idol drama about man-beast love

It has been awhile since we heard from the boy group AK but they are back in the news with a new project. AK’s Andy Chen and Kris Shen will be joined by Yang Han in a new idol drama called 303 Shi Jun Tuan (roughly translates to Legion from Room 303). The story is based on a series of best-selling novels about three handsome young men who moved into the same dorm room.

18 year-old Kris Shen will play the son of a police officer, 23 year-old Andy Chen will play a prince, while the other 23 year-old Yang Han will play a evil gang-member. As to who will be their leading lady, the answer is there might not be any at all. The three guys will be paired up with animals including a cat, a dog, and a monkey. One can only speculate the drama is about a love story between men and beasts…

Producer Xin Zhi-Yu is already feeling distressed since this will be the first idol drama starring animals as the leads. “It’s not difficult to find people who can act, but finding animals who can act, it’s very difficult. We are thinking about holding open auditions. If there are pet owners who love to perform or act, they are welcome to apply for their pets.”

Out of the three actors, Andy Chen is the only one who has experience with a house pet. He has a 2 year-old Maltese and said, “I treat it like my son. When I’m happy I would play the piano for him, so he is now very human-like. When guests visit, he would even shake their hands. He gives me a lot of pride.” Andy Chen and the guys are ready to spend some quality time with their animal costars. He said, “(We) will fall in love with pets.”

The drama is set to air during the winter break of 2011.

Source: AppledailyTW, Libertytimes, UDN

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