Ady An flies in mid-air after starving for 12 hours

After playing a super Mom in the mega hit idol drama, Autumn’s Concerto, Ady An is now playing a superhuman in a new video game commercial. When she’s not chasing Xiao Xiao Bin around to shoot him with “Energy Crystals,” she’s flying in mid-air to hunt down evils.

While Ady has been accustomed to hanging on wires while dressed in period costumes, she starved for 12 hours in order to film this commercial (since you can’t go hanging on wires with a full stomach). After flying around from day till night, it was enough to make Ady go dizzy and want to vomit. Ady sighed, “My bones are about to break.” In addition to the hardcore flying, some filming for the commercial also took place outdoors at zero degrees Celsius while snowing at Beijing. All her hard work is paid off as the commercial earns her ten million (NT).

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Source: Appledaily, Sohu

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