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Artistes featured this week:
Aaron Yan, Ady An, Amber Ann, Amber Kuo, Annie Yi, Cai Kang Yong, Calvin Chen, Cecelia Hsiao, Chen Han Dian, Eason Chan, Ethan Ruan, Huang Guo Lun, Jang Geun-Suk, Jay Chou, Jerry Yan, JJ Lin, Joe Chen, Jolin Tsai, Leon Lai, Liu Jia-Chang, Mark Chao, Michelle Chen, Mini-Bin, Nancy Kuo, Patty Hou, Rainie Yang, Reen Yu, Rene Liu, S.H.E, Show Luo, Vicki Zhao, Wu Chun, Xiao S, Xiao Xiao Bin, Yao Yao, Yoga Lin, Zhen Zhen
JJ Lin was almost late for the Pingshi Sky Lantern event.  He left his company car and ran for 3 km to get on stage in time.  Fans recognized him and tried to shake hands/ask for autographs/take pictures of him during the run of his life. 

Jolin Tsai said no when reporters asked if Jay Chou was her first man.  Unfortunately the songstress thought they were asking about her first love and said she had her first boyfriend at 16/17.  Since "virgin-gate" was still a hot topic, the reporters were referring to the guy who took her "first night". 

Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao was asked why they weren't singing at the signings for the Monga soundtrack..  Their record company clarified that it wasn't because they sound awful lacked confidence, but rather it was due to time constraint.  The two stars said they will show their gratitude for the support on the movie and soundtrack by skinny-dipping front-side-up...

Superidol judge Huang Guo Lun and girlfriend/manager Nancy Kou have been staying busy with paid appearances at New Year banquets.  The two were estimated to have earned over 15 million (NTC) but unfortunately they have lost their voice.  They now communicate by "looking at each other's eyes, or even by writing."

Mark Chao will be traveling to Singapore on the 13th to receive an award for Popular Taiwanese Actor.  Rainie Yang is the winner of the Popular Taiwanese Actress award.

Ady An did a pictorial in for Chinatimes modeling the latest luxury fashion. She was praised by the media for her resemblance to the great actress Gong Li. Ady An will be reprising Gong Li's role in the TV version of the 1988 movie A Terracotta Warrior.

S.H.E got a new member?  No worries, S.H.E has no plan to become S.H.E.Y.  Yoga Lin thought he would look great by standing beside the ladies with a big red flower in his hair. 

Show Luo took part in an extended interview with AppledailyTW.  When asked how he would go about pursuing his ideal woman, he answered, "First, start with a big group, then narrow it down to a small group, and then turn it into a duo; (I would) start learning about her from the side, and then proceed to the front..."

Mini-Bin cried, or faked his cry as per Uncle-Bin, on his first day of work.  The 3 year-old aspiring actor arrived on the set of Happy Together for his first major role in a drama.  He was surrounded by reporters and felt the pressure of being in the spotlight.  Mini-Bin introduced himself as Xiao Xiao Bin by mistake but he assured the director that he would be every bit as good as his big brother.

Amber Ann filled in for Yao Yao on a new episode of the variety show "I Guess".   Yao Yao was originally brought in to replace Butterfly in an attempt to boost ratings, but the 14 year-old show is now even doing worse than before.  The show's producer denied that Amber Ann will be replacing Yao Yao and said Yao Yao was away due to scheduling conflicts.

In addition to Amber Ann, "I Guess" will try to resurrect its ratings with another Otaku "goddess" Alicia Liu, as well as popular hosts Dee Hsu (Xiao S) and Cai Kang Yong.  The two hosts from Kang Xi Lai Le will guest star in a pre-recorded mini-drama. 

A report in UDN suggests that Xiao Xiao Bin might be in a ratings-crisis due to over-exposure.  His new drama P.S. Man has lost over half of the ratings from Autumn's Concerto, which he also starred in.  If Xiao Xiao Bin was old enough to defend himself, he would have told everyone that he is the least of the show's problems.  Yes, he is over-exposed, but how about blaming P.S Man's ratings on their mediocre actresses instead?

Korean star Jang Geun-Suk showed that he is a man of consistency as he left Taiwan in the same "Mom's-hair" that he came  in.

Copyright issues resulted in removing one of the two new songs on the repackaged version of Show Luo's album.  The song (roughly translates to) "Small things become good things".  It is the same song as "Cheng Yao" from his Trendy Man album but with new lyrics.  His record company couldn't obtain the copyrights in time so they will leave it out of the repackaged Rashomon.

A party was held to celebrate the 70th birthday for legendary and dentures-dropping musician Liu Jia-Chang.  Teacher Liu clarified that he is only 67 and the organizers are talking non-sense.

JJ Lin was promoting his song "Back to Back Hug" at an all-girl high school and showed his lack of strength by carrying one of the girls.  He revealed that the song was written for his former manager.  He wanted to thank her for her guidance in his career.

Cecelia Hsiao has a new strategy to escape her drug charges as she pleaded not guilty at her court appearance.  Her defense lawyer claimed that she has a severe depression and might not even realize that she was using drugs at the time.

S.H.E dressed up as flowers to promote the Taipei International Flower Exhibition.  They previously invited The Little Tigers to be the special guests at their concert, but have yet to hear back from them.  S.H.E might have to wait for a bit because the tigers have said that the next time they reunite will be the next year of tiger, in 12 years.

Soon-to-be-married Patty Hou uploaded a childhood pic of herself and dad on her blog.  Many netizens praised the young Patty for being super "kawaii".  Sadly, her dad won't be walking her down the isle as he has already passed away.  She wrote that she is trying to find a balance between her personal life and the attention from the media over her relationship. 

Leon Lai is touted as the actor with the most resemblance to the suddnely-famous Brother Sharp.  Leon-sharp has already played a highly-skilled homeless man in Bodyguards and Assassins who can kill people with his iron fan.  As for his new role in the movie Fire Of Conscience, he said, "The look of my character is pretty 'Sharp' too." 

Butterfly will be starring in a new idol drama along with the rest of the fruits and insects personalities from the youth channel.  The drama will be co-produce by Comic-ritz and is said be a fusion of Harry Potter and X-Men.  Butterfly demonstrated a magic trick by turning fire into a dove.

It's not Halloween yet, but singer Eason Chan is already trying to scare fans with the cover of his latest EP Time Flies.  Not only does time flies, so does his head, as it looks like it's about to fly off as well. 

Wu Chun channeled Avatar by dressing himself in blue-on-blue-on-blue.  The star revealed that he loves shopping for clothes and can't resist to sale pitches.  He said he will recommend the new spring/summer Gucci collection to his good friend Ella, who is currently going for a more womanly style.  He retracted his comment right away and said she is better off in men's clothes.

Jay Chou wasn't able to participate in Monga due to his image, but his fans have come up with a Jay Chou-edition of Monga composed of clips from his greatest hits.  Many netizens praised the creative editing but some thought it was a little strange to see a bloody Jay in full period costumes from Curse of the Golden Flower to appear at the end. 

Fans don't expect Xiao Xiao Bin to give autographs yet since he hasn't started school.  However, he was inspired to learn to write his own name by his Down With Love costars Jerry Yan and Ella, after he saw them signing autographs for fans.  His signature style still lacks consistency at this time; Bin's dad said sometimes he signs "Bin Xiao Xiao", and other times he will sign "Bin" in 3 separate words (木木三) instead of one (彬) when he's tired.

A very pregnant Vicki Zhao was photographed by Next Weekly.  Her management has long denied that she is pregnant but now it's pretty obvious that a baby is on the way.  The magazine also reported that her rich boyfriend is currently pursuing actress Zhang Ziyi, which put her in a very difficult position.

Show Luo added a third show to his concert at the Taipei Arena in May. Fans worry that he might be exhausted from doing three shows in 24 hours.  They need not to worry, because as long as he keeps his singing to a minimum, he can add probably add 3 more.

Annie Yi was concerned over reports suggesting that she wants to get back with ex-husband Harlem Yu.  She wrote on her blog saying she is very happy with her life and plans to live on her own.  The poison-mouth Appledaily columnist Papaya Ah Xia praised her decision, "then she can hold hands with whoever she wants."

Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen and new lead actress Reen Yu came together for a photo session for their upcoming drama Love Buffet.  If you go by this photo, Aaron Yan looks like he will be carrying all the weight of the drama.

Jerry Yan's new photo album includes a piece of writing that seems to be referring to his rumored-relationship with Lin Chi-Ling.  He wrote, "Letting her go is because I really love her, knowing that she will meet someone better."  He also mentioned that all his relationships have all lasted over 6 years.  He has yet to start a new one because he is afraid that if he "falls" again, he won't be able to get up.

Amber Kuo and Chen Han Dian collaborated on the voice-over for the Taiwan version of How To Train Your Dragon.  Their characters share a kiss on screen but the two voice actors recorded their parts separately.  Chen Han Dian said it really felt like he was kissed by Amber Kuo, while Amber Kuo said she was focused on watching the screen and only kissed the microphone.

The clouds machine that was featured in the Taipei New Year countdown will be back at Rainie Yang's upcoming concert.  Making fluffy clouds in the 2-minute opening will reportedly cost over 3 million (NTD).

Rene Liu will be releasing her new album in April after two years.  Better known for her award-winning acting than her singing, she is determined to show her commitment to her music career again.  Mayday's Ashin took part in the production and Rene Liu promises a "very sexy" album.

Michelle Chen hasn't been seen in any idol drama since Miss No Good, but her movie career is in fact doing quite well.  Following a Golden Horse Best Newcomer nomination for her role in Hear Me, she will be filming three more movies this year. 

Ethan Ruan's night at the Gold Jaguar probably led to more consequences than he had ever imagined.  Some of his advertisers are reportedly monitoring closely to see how the recent events have affected his image.  Ethan Ruan is a popular choice for advertisers as he has promoted everything from jeans to motorcycle, and even supplement drinks for women.

Fans welcomed former actress Zhen Zhen as she returned to Taiwan following her successful surgery.  She recently bought a 70-million (NTD) mansion in Taipei because she thinks it's not economical for son Jeremy Liu to rent his own place.  She said, "I'll let him borrow (the mansion) for now, he can pay me back when he makes money."  

Joe Chen is set to make her fourth bra commercial in the hugely successful series.  The new ad will feature a scantily-clad Joe playing an angry girlfriend looking for her man.  She plans to focus on her movie career and won't be returning to idol dramas anytime soon.

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