Access Newsbits! [Week of Mar 21]

Artistes Featured This Week:
A-Mei, Ady An, Ah Ken, Alyssa Chia, Angel Han, Bianca Bai, Blackie, Blue Lan, Chang Fei, Chang Hsiao Yen, Charlene Choi, Chris Wu, Coco Lee, Da Mouth, Della Ding, Donnie Yen, Edison Chen, Edward Ou, Ella Chen, Elva Hsiao, Ethan Ruan, Fahrenheit, Figaro Zeng, Girls' Generation, Godfrey Tsao, Huang Deng Hui, Jacky Chang, Jade Chou, Janet Hsieh, Jay Chou, Jerry Yan, Jet Li, Joe Chen, Joe Cheng, Jolin Tsai, Kim Hye Ja, Lene Lai, Lin Chi-Ling, Liu Zhi Han, Mark Chao, Matilda Tao, Mike He, Na Dou, Patty Hou, Peter Ho, Rainie Yang, Rhydian Vaughan, Ronald Cheng, Roy Chiu, S.H.E, Sodagreen, Sylvia Chang, Tia Li, Ting Ting, Tony Sun, Van Fan, Van Ness Wu, Vivian Hsu, Wang Xue Qi, Xiao S, Xiao Zhong, Yuki Hsu, Zax Wong

Bianca Bai is back to what she does best – Modeling a new line of bras in a cheerleader outfit! Many in the audience were envious of Bai Bai’s 23” waist. She said it is from the great genes of her mom, and she also has a big laugh every day to help tone her stomach. Her former co-star Joe Chen Qiao En has also starred in a series of popular bra commercials for a competitor. Bai Bai Said Joe’s ads have more “skin”, while hers have a “fresh, healthy image”.

Model and former member of WAHSH Lene Lai modeled a new line of underwear in a window display. A creepy uncle has been checking her out all day since rehearsals. She breathed a sigh of relief when he disappeared, but he was back again later with a takeout in his hand.

Van Fan had a quiet year after his break through role in Cape No. 7. He is back again with a new movie and a new album. His manager said they are confident that the new movie will break box office records again. He is also taking over for Gillian Chung as the new spokesperson for a jeans brand. The company’s PR rep didn’t forget to take a cheap shot at their former spokesperson – they stressed that Fan is “taking over” for Chung, and his 6 million (NTD) pay check tops her 4 million.

Vivian Hsu celebrated her 35th birthday on the set of her new movie Seediq Bale. She still has blood on her face from filming a scene when the crew presented her with a birthday cake. The highly anticipated movie is directed by Wei Te-Sheng, who also made the record-breaking Cape No. 7. The movie has suffered many delays and its budget has already risen to 500 million (NTD).

Fun Taiwan’s host Janet Hsieh recently returned to her former school M.I.T to talk about her experience in Taiwan. She was invited from the Taiwanese Students Association and thought most people wouldn’t know who she is. It turned out that many have seen her on Youtube, in addition to recommendation from local Taiwanese students. She has been nominated twice for the Golden Bell’s Best Host award.

Former Comic Boyz member Figaro Zeng invited his cousin/comedian Xiao Zhong to the press conference for his new book. He talked about what a torture it was to be in a boy group but most people could care less since they would never remember him anyway. On a more interesting note, Xiao Zhong is his real-life cousin, rather than the kind of “cousin” who have dated the same woman before.

Some good news for Avex and the Korean girl group Girls’ Generation. Their promotions seemed to have paid off as the girls went number one on the G-Music Japanese/Korean Albums chart. Over at Five Music, they are number two as “w-inds” is still the king.

Actor Jacky Chang is rumored to be joining the Taipei City Councilor elections at the end of this year. He is currently starring as the lead actor in the hit prime-time drama Night Market Life. He said if he does enter the elections, he will leave the series to avoid the added self-promotions.

Mike He attended an International Telephone Anniversary event in Tokyo. He said he wishes to collaborate with Japanese star Nakama Yukie because he has always liked her after watching her in Gokusen and many CF’s.

Godfrey Tsao of the “Trendy F4” shows us the latest men’s fashion for this spring. Suit Jacket with no shirt – Yes! Man-pris – Yes! Flip-flops – Yes! Bad taste – Yes!

Japanese TV network NHK recently interviewed Jerry Yan after the release of his new photo album. When asked what he remembered the most from his childhood, Jerry said frankly it was the passing of his late father. He said his mom was sewing almost every day in order to make ends meet. Now that he can support his family, he wants his mom to live a comfortable life.

Ella went on the variety One Million Primary School to challenge grade school students. She knelt-down on the floor to beg for mercy from the show’s host Chang Hsiao-Yen. The host laughed and said, “Other than Tao Dawei (David Tao’s dad), no one else would ever do this.”

Sodagreen performed at the Megaport Festival without their member Ah Gong as he is serving in the military. Vocalist Tsing-Fong sang and played the piano in Ah Gong’s place. After making a mistake on the piano, he yelled out, “Ah Gong, I really miss you!”

Actor Roy Chiu participated in the “Option Cup” car race. He placed a disappointing 11th place, but he will take part in the upcoming “Go Kart” competition and the next “Option Cup”. Roy Chiu shouldn’t be too depressed because the race girls couldn’t get enough of him. His race car driver outfit including the helmet and boots cost NT$50,000 in total.

More rumors of A-Mei’s break-up with her boyfriend He Shou-Zheng surfaced following her concert. Close friend Blackie made it to the show after a TTL (the team that He Shou-Zheng plays for) basketball game, but He Shou-Zheng was nowhere to be seen. When asked if the break-up rumors were true, Blackie said, “I haven’t heard He Shou-Zheng talked about it, and I never ask him about their relationship.”

Da Mouth recently visited “Open Studio” for an online interview. Since their song “French Kiss” was a huge hit, netizens wanted to know when the members had their first kiss. Rapper MC 40 was proven to be the most experienced as his first kiss was in grade 8. All the members agreed that they are most afraid of kissing people from the same sex.

President Jay Chou’s unofficial spokesperson Devon Song said Jay’s new album will drop in the end of April or May. The album is said to contain many styles, along with over half of the songs not being love-related.
Della Ding has been busy with performances in Singapore and Malaysia. During her flight to Hong Kong, an Australian man flirted with her and even left her with his email. Another super-rich Brunei businessman invited her to a private party. She had to turn him down because of scheduling conflicts, and can only sigh about letting a good chance slip away. It’s okay Della, because this pic of you doing a belly dance should attract more “interesting” encounters in the future.

Maybe a sign that Billy’s son Nick will being debuting soon? He is back the news again with more on the rumors about him courting ELVA, who is 9 years his senior. He said, “Age and sex doesn’t matter, the feeling between two people is the most important.” Nick is best known for his rumors with A-Lister’s like Jolin Tsai and ELVA Hsiao. Warner Music plans to spend 20 million (NTD) to promote him this year. He will soon visit Korea to get some work done….on his image.

Otaku goddess Tia Li said she is okay with going fully nude for a photo album, but only with her key body parts covered. 4 to 5 publishers are already giving her offers as she is the dream of countless boys and men. The 46 kg Tia Li plans to take her weight down a bit before the shooting starts.

A slew of Taiwanese stars are trying to make their way into the Japanese market. Ex couple Vivian Hsu and Van Ness Wu have recently released their Japanese singles, while rumored-Jerry Yan’s ex Lin Chi-Ling will guest star in Kkimura Takuya’s new drama.

Peter Ho said he is okay after a bar incident in Nanjing. The director of his new movie invited him and his costars to have a drink at a local bar. A drunken customer apparently threw a glass at them and Peter Ho instinctively blocked it with his arm. He clarified that he didn’t receive any serious injuries, “My hand had a minor cut and bled a little bit, it’s okay.”

Ting Ting was rumored to be the girlfriend who cheated on Jerry Yan while he was in the military. She denied such reports and said she had only seen him twice since they filmed a commercial together 9 years ago. She revealed that Jerry Yan was quite funny back then while she was rather shy. Although they haven’t stay in touch, she praised Jerry Yan and said his acting has improved a lot over the years.

Rainie Yang’s concert is only one month away and she frankly admitted she is “more nervous than looking forward” to it. She started having nightmares two weeks ago, about everything from the stage falling apart to crazed fans climbing over the fence. Hopefully her ticket sales are doing well, because empty seats at the Taipei Arena make an even scarier nightmare.

The 4th Asian Film Awards announced its winners in Hong Kong. Best Actor went to Bodyguards and Assassin’s Wang Xue-Qi, while Best Award Actress was awarded to Kim Hye-Ja for her role in Mother. The ceremony still seems to lack some recognition in Asia as only one of the 5 Best Actor nominees was able to attend.

Pretty boys Joe Cheng and Mike He left Taiwan together to visit the Bihar region of India for World Vision. They will be joined by Sylvia Chang who is flying from Hong Kong for the 6-day visit.

Xiao S is back in the spotlight with her latest endorsement. She said her husband Mike is still feeling a little down because of the domestic violence scandal. The couple sued Appledaily for 100 million (NTD), but they are open to settlement as long as the paper prints a front page apology the same way they printed her false scandal.

Matilda Tao and her husband Li Li-Ren shot a new commercial together to promote a line of skincare. She ranked 11th in the list of top money-making hosts last year, but switched back from career woman to Mrs. Li when she appeared with her husband. Matilda Tao praised Li Li-Ren by saying , “He is good-looking and a great actor, full of muscles when (I) hug him, (I) can’t resist from pinching him.”

Chang Fei said he and his son Chang Shao-Huai are not very close. The host explained that he sent his son away to study in Singapore, so they rarely saw each other when he was young. Chang Shao-Huai went on his dad’s show Big Brother to promote his new drama. At backstage, Chang Fei asked his son, “Did you block me on MSN? How come I don’t see you online anymore?”

The custody battle between Alyssa Chia and her ex-husband is far from over. She recently returned to Taiwan with her daughter from the US, but she is keeping a low-profile regarding the case. The ex-couple made headlines last year when her husband abruptly took their daughter away to live in the US after the fallout of their marriage. Alyssa Chia was rumored to have sold her house in Shanghai and traveled to the US for the custody case shortly after her last drama. Her godfather Wu Dun said the case has actually been sent back to Taiwan. He said she will be going to court for both her divorce and custody cases.

Patty Hou was spotted having dinner with her mom along with their relatives and friends. They seemed to be discussing about her upcoming wedding plans, but her fiancé was noticeably missing. Patty Hou’s mom was asked if her daughter will get married with her virginity intact. Understandably, her expression changed upon hearing the question, but she still answered, “Thank you, (you’ve been) working hard.”

Some potential scandal might be brewing as the stars of the prime-time drama Parents Love got a little too cozy. Liu Zhi-Han and Angel Han play a couple on the hit drama, and they look like a real-life couple on the set as well. The only problem is – He is married and she has a boyfriend of 3 years.

Yuki Hsu has apparently reached a settlement with her management company. Both parties were scheduled to appear in court on the 23rd, but they settled on the day before. Her friend Lin Ke said she will give an explanation at her fan meeting in a few days. He said since she is over 30, it's time for her to get rid of her "Princess Disease".

S.H.E became the new spokespersons of a waist-slimming gadget. The ladies appear pretty slim, but Selina’s face is still in the shape of a full moon. She was recently photographed with a double-chin but she's not too concern at all because “double-chin is my trademark.”

Jade Chou confirmed that she is single and denied she was ever dating Tony Sun as previously rumored. She said she and Tony Sun don’t have any interaction other than coming across each other online sometimes.  Blue Lan attended the press conference for her new book to show his support.

Jerry Yan's new photo album 9314 Man & Boy contains stories from his youth. He wrote that he once had fallen in love with the wrong woman, who turned out to be the girlfriend of a gangster. Jerry was beaten up for revenge and even got a broken nose from it. Noooooooo....not the face.

As reported earlier, model-turned-actress Lin Chi-Ling will take part in Kimura Takuya’s new drama Moon Lovers in April. The Fuji drama officially announced its cast which also includes Shinohara Ryōko and Kitagawa Keiko. It’s not the first time Lin Chi-Ling has worked with Kimura Takuya – She previously appeared the music video for SMAP’s “Sotto Kyutto”.

Monga’s Huang Deng-Hui(2nd from the left) is a new dad soon -- his wife is rumored to be pregnant with a baby girl. They were reportedly married in January and his wife was an assistant to his mentor/boss Hsu Hsiao-Shun. When asked about the rumor, Huang Deng-Hui answered in his usual comedic style, “Who leaked it? I have the baggage of an idol. I’m worried that my fans might not take (the news) well.”

After the success of Avatar, Filmko Films will be investing 250 million (HKD) to make the 3D film Havoc in Heaven. They will enlist the help of technicians that worked on Avatar and are looking to cast Jet Li or Donnie Yen as the lead. The film will begin shooting in October in China.

Meteor Garden's Edward Ou was once a rising actor in the world of idol dramas. He was accused of stealing earlier this year and apparently has only 200 bucks left. He said he has tried looking for work, but all the jobs that he got were the same ones that he did before he was 20. He said he would want to kill himself if he has to do them again. Edward Ou said he would like another chance at acting, but he was also diagnosed with depression and won’t take medication for it.

Ah Ken and Na Dou recorded the first episode of Star Training School. The two B-Ka’s are feeling great about themselves as they make the leap to A-Ka hosts. Na Dou revealed the secret of Ah Ken’s success, “He even collects (mentor) Tai Zhi Yuan’s nostril hair!” That’s just low, very low.

Chris Wu has been out of the spotlight for awhile since Autumn’s Concerto ended. He participated in the charity cookie sale for the Yu-Cheng Social Welfare Foundation. He has been volunteering for the foundation before he was even an actor.

Mark Chao thinks his chest is the best part of his body. We can’t confirm if this is true because he didn’t take his shirt off at the opening of a new gym at the Taipei 101. But one thing we do know -- He sure looks like he can use a self-tanner on those pasty white arms...

Jerry Yan was mistaken for a dead body during a photo shoot for his upcoming photo book 9314 Man & Boy. He lay across a paved road to "feel" the Earth but locals thought he fainted due to exhaustion. If they looked more closely then they would have realized that real life road-kills never look this good.

ELVA greeted her idol Coco Lee at the rehearsals for her concert with bananas. Yes, bananas. It is the source of many lame jokes but it doesn’t matter because it is Coco Lee’s favorite fruit.

Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang isolated himself as other members enjoyed the great foods of Osaka. The guys had barbecue and Okonomiyaki, while Jiro only had ramen. He loves Japanese food but followed the advice of his nutritionist and stuck with his diet plan. Member Calvin Chen showed his poison-tongue potential, “It's a good thing he didn’t say it was because of his bad breath.”

Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao and Rhydian Vaughan were in Hong Kong to promote their film Monga. Director Niu Chang-Ze and Mark Chao sounded surprisingly accurate when they introduced themselves in Cantonese, but Ethan Ruan said something so strange that even he burst into laughter himself. The director called him, “Crazy!”

Edison Chen appeared on the talk show University as a guest. He gave co-host Na Dou a makeover and some very important fashion advice, “No socks!” But it would have been more interesting if he gave everyone some advice on photography.

Ady An hurt the director of her drama “Yi Tian Tu Long Ji” with a horsewhip, but he could only suffer in silence -- She was filming a horseback riding scene on a virtual-horse (a.k.a a truck pretending to be a horse). Ady An wanted to make it look as real as possible and whipped on with full force. The only problem is, she missed and whipped the director instead.  Fortunately, he was man-enough to remain quiet until filming finished.

Tony Sun and Zax Wong are now the big bosses at J-Star. The head of J-Star Sun De-Rong is handing over his company to the two stars, which is now called J-Star New Generation. They will be responsible for managing their own artists and scout for possible newcomers.

Lin Chi-Ling posted a hand-written apology for missing her (mandatory) national health insurance payments.  It was recently revealed that she hasn't made any payments in 3 years.  Many netizens praised her lovely hand writing, but some questioned if she would have continued to miss her payments if no one reported about it..

Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi announced they are getting a divorce after being married for four years. The couple previously said they have “broken-up”, but finally held a press conference after Appledaily found their marriage certificate. Most people would think “break-up” meant “we’re not dating anymore”. But according to the soon-to-be former Mr. Cheng and Mrs. Cheng, it meant “we’re getting a divorce after secretly getting married” kind of break up. Appledaily, you have really outdone yourselves!!

Source: AppledailyTW, Chinatimes, Libertytimes,, UDN

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