Access Newsbits! [Week of Mar 14]

Artistes Featured This Week:
A-Mei, AK, Alice Tzeng, Amber An, Andy Lau, Annie Yi, Aska Yang, Baron Chen, Bianca Bai, Blackie Charles Chen, Blue Lan, Chang Fei, Charlene Choi, Cheer Chen, Chen Zi Han, Circus, Coco Lee, David Chao, Devin Wu, Dylan Kuo, Ella Chen, Ethan Ruan, Fan Fan, Faye Wong, F.I.R, Harlem Yu, He Shou Cheng, Hoshino Aki, Hu Gua, Hu Jia Ai, Huang Guo Lun, Hung Yi Feng, Jackie Chan, James Wen, Jay Chou, Jaycee, Jerry Yan, Jiro Wang, Kingone Wang, Lene Lai, Li Jing, Makiyo, Mark Chao, Meia Fu, Niu Er, Rainie Yan, Ronald Cheung, S.H.E, Sharon Li, Show Luo, Sonia Sui, Stanley Huang, Sukie Chung, Terri Kwan, Tiffany Hsu, Viter Fan, Vivian Hsu, Weng Li You, Wu Bai, Wynners, Yao Yao, Yuming Li, Zhu Ge Liang
F.I.R's Faye and Real said they won't be using the marriage proposal gimmick again in their upcoming concert. Of course they don't need to, since they already have a better one in which the group pretends they are breaking up.

Veteran Hong Kong band Wynners held their concert at the Taipei Arena. The group reportedly has a combined age of 300 and has been together for 36 years. They performed to a crowd of 7000 and organizers are expected to lose money due to mediocre ticket sales.

Bianca Bai has been heavily criticized for her acting, or the lack of it, in P.S. Man. Her management came to her defense and said the supermodel, who is playing a supermodel, will show greater depth later on in the series.

A funeral was held for legendary singer Hung Yi-Feng who passed away last month. Over 1500, including Chang Fei, Jody Jiang, Bai Bing Bing, Tsai Chin and Emil Chau, were in attendance to bid farewell.

"Made in Taiwan" rocker Wu Bai performed at the Liberties Times New Year banquet. Mr. 500 performed fan favorites like "No. 1 in the World", "You are my Flower", "Made in Taiwan". Wu Bai brought two electric fans along as he doesn't like to be sweaty. He asked his assistant to turn it on full blast because, "My hair has be to flying, in order to have that feel."

Former Super Idol "Pink Tank" Meia Fu was thrilled that fans liked the new techno style of her latest album. She also denied rumors about being deported back to Malaysia. She is only returning home to film a new drama and work on graduating from university, since she is a 5th year student already.

James Wen and Blue Lan might play rivals on P.S. Man but apparently it is a different story in real life. During their first scene together, the two men were supposed to stare at each other in anger, but James Wen blinked at Blue Lan a few times and gave him a very "special gaze". Costar Sonia Sui couldn't help but say, "My God, you won't even let Blue Lan get away."

Amber An dressed up like a princess for a fashion pictorial in Chinatimes. When asked if she has the potential of a upper-class wife, the model/comedian said, "Yes! As long as I keep my mouth shut." The Otaku goddess hopes to join the ranks of fellow goddess Yao Yao and release her own EP this year!

Many stars practically travel by plane like regular hard-working people travel by bus, but only a select few gets to travel in their own private jet. Coco Lee's boyfriend was kind enough to fill up the gas and flew her to Taipei with his own private jet for a fan signing last weekend. It sure makes flying first-class not very special anymore...

Ethan Ruan's girlfriend Tiffany Hsu was interviewed by Appledaily and spoke about her relationship. She said, "With every boyfriend that I have dated, I've always went into relationship with marriage in mind, but I haven't discussed about that with Xiao Tian (Ruan). I have hopes for marriage, but I don't necessarily have to get married."

The biggest come back story of last year, TV variety host Zhu Ge Liang still owes a lot of "street debts" despite resurrecting his career. The original toilet bowl-hair personality was taken to court by one of his many creditors. He owes them 13 million (NTD) but would like to get a discount of 80% off, because "it is already over the 15-year limit of debt recovery." Well...of course it's over because they couldn't find you while you were in hiding all these years.

Jiro Wang recently took his mom to Japan for vacation. Although he was abroad, Jiro never forgets to work on his body. In addition to his mirror, his suitcase always includes his trusty exercise bar wherever he goes.

Following the Dee Hsu controversy, top host Li Jing revealed that her husband had previously told her to restrain herself on TV. She explained, "My husband gets so mad sometimes he even refuses to watch TV, but in truth, the more I like the person, the more I retain. I told him it's all done for TV."

One Million Star's season 2 winner Yuming Lai was in a minor fender bender on the 15th. No one was hurt in the accident and the two parties reached a settlement with NT$5000. We're glad that Yuming and his hair extensions are okay.

A lesson from the networks on fun with numbers - Although Down With Love was narrowly beaten by P.S. Man in the ratings, GTV still celebrated by announcing that girls with or without jobs are having a bad case of "Down With Love". The drama scored an average rating of 7.37% in female viewers between the ages of 15 to 24, and 6.2% in female viewers who are currently in the work force.

Many viewers envied Blue Lan when costar Sonia Sui sat on top of him in the last episode of P.S. Man. The P.S. Man himself said it's no big deal, because he has even done full nudity for a movie before. In related news, many more viewers criticized the show for its confusing editing with an overload of dream sequences and flashbacks.

UDN takes an in-depth look at the not-so-secretive secrets of idol drama success. It's a well-known fact that the tried tested and true formula must contain one ordinary girl in distress, along with a very rich and handsome playboy with a good heart who would rather date her instead of a supermodel. As SETTV's Vice President of Marketing explains, a female lead who is just like every other girl "makes it much easier to resonate (with the audience) on a marketing level."

Harlem Yu wasn't too happy when reporters asked him about rumors of ex-wife Annie Yi wanting to get back with him. He took the news so hard that he even tripped and fell during the recording of his show Million Singer.

It's too late for Rainie Yang to work on increasing her cup size for her upcoming concert. Instead, she will focus on toning her behind to make sure fans get to see the best side, especially the back side, of her.

Show Luo's status as the number one guy on GTV might be endangered! Top host Hu Gua is making his debut on GTV as he is taking over the hosting duties for the show WTO Sisters Club. Show shouldn't feel too bad because Gua Ge is probably the busiest man in showbiz. The Golden Bell winner is currently suing Liberty Times for a false report, while he himself is being re-invested for a gambling fraud case. He is also hosting two of the top rated shows on weekends, in addition to cable TV offerings on the weeknights.

Fan Fan celebrated her last birthday as a single woman with friends at a local nightclub. Party attendees A-Mei and her boyfriend He Shou-Cheng were the center of attention, as they were rumored to have broken up several months ago. They didn't make any comments but He Shou-Cheng said he was there because Blackie Charles Chen invited him.

AK checked out a blowfish at the local seafood market. Their new album is set to release in May. The boys are smart enough to know that they probably won't impress anyone with their singing, so they have taken up additional skills: dancing, magic, and even Sichuan face-changing.

Mark Chao met with media on the day after news of receiving being threaten by one of his advertisers. He had no idea about the threats and said it's probably not as serious as reported. Some media outlets reported that the party rumored to be threatening him is the advertisement agency for his jeans endorsement. Wrangler Jeans responded and said they operate their business legally and would never involve the other side of the law.

Variety host Chang Fei just wanted to make sure everyone knows that he doesn't have a facebook account. A quick search for his Chinese name will bring up 2 pages, in which one even has a pic of him with 600 fans. Fei Ge said he doesn't use MSN or facebook, despite being the spokesperson for a online Mahjong video game.

Hong Kong stars Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheung confirmed that they have indeed broken up after being together for 6 years. They have never admitted their relationship before despite countless rumors. Coincidentally, both stars are promoting their new movies and this would be the perfect time to be in the news.

A magazine is suggesting that Faye Wong is plugging up (financial) holes for her husband again. It doesn't matter if this is true or not because Faye is the greatest Chinese songstress alive and she can probably support several more Ya-Peng's. The only thing that matters is how atrocious she looks in this photo.

Aska Yang became a "free" man last November after his contract ended in a messy lawsuit. The troubled star has yet to sign on with a new company -- He said he has to read the contract terms carefully, and need time to know the other party, "(just like) being in love is not a matter of 2, 3 days".....How about trying a dating service then? Maybe they can "match" you up with the right company and you guys can go on a movie date.

Devin Wu continues to take advantage of her Jay Chou-virgin-gate as she got paid NT$50,000 to perform at a promotional event. Organizers described the event as "Jay Chou's ex girlfriend affectionate duet of Rooftop". The paycheck should be more than enough to cover her $27,000 rent.

Vivian Hsu celebrated her 35th birthday with the opening of her official website ( She shared a picture of herself without any make up to prove that she is one of the rare super-humans who have beaten time. Vivian maintains the tightness of her skin by washing her face with cold water everyday.

Appledaily's poison-tongue Ah Xia is awfully confused about the sexuality of Stanley Huang's rumored-girlfriend Hu Jia-Ai. From the looks of the picture.....We can't tell either.

Andy Lau said NO to BMW as they offered him a ride to the red carpet for the upcoming premiere of his movie Future X-Cops. He is the spokesperson for Acura and would refuse sponsorship from any other car company except for the Honda family. This will mark his first visit to Taiwan since going public last year with his not-really-a-secret marriage.

Cheer Chen visited one of the schools that was affected by the 8/8 Typhoon last year. Her charity single "Sun" raised a million dollars (NTD) which will be donated to World Vision to help those who are in need. She said "Sun" was written at the lowest point as a declaration of her soul.

Every man needs a great man-bag, as proven again by "Only You" Weng Li-You. Although his man-bag is no LV or Prada, the bag has brought him nothing but good luck since his mom has given it to him -- He won Best Taiwanese (dialect) Male Vocalist on his first Golden Melody nomination, along with countless concerts and event appearances, and a hit album that has even hit #3 on the ring tones chart.

Following confessions of love targeted at Vincent Liang, David Chao became the next JXT Boys to receive confessions from not one, but several including Lene Lai (pictured below), young ladies half his age. The girls probably did it to get on the news, which they successfully did, but David Chao sure looked like he appreciated it.

Host Li Jing also wants to get the scoop on Makiyo's "friendship" with Baron Chen. Makiyo was at the recording of Diamond Club as a guest host. Li Jing asked her in Japanese, "(Are you two) together? (Have you) slept together already?" Makiyo said no, but much to their horror, the reporters who were present understood exactly what they were talking about.

Circus must be really desperate for attention, desperate enough to publicly admit that they have pooped on a famous landmark. The group members claimed to have committed the act while they were on location at the (former) Geographic Center of Taiwan Monument. They were mad that the location of the monument is no longer the “center”. The public is furious but the village chief of the area said it best, “Celebrities shouldn’t be doing something so outrageous. After all, only dogs would relieve themselves anywhere.”

Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee will release his new album in April. He recently shot the music video for his first track on a set that was made to look like an execution ground. Jaycee said his dad did request to duet with him but in the end it didn’t happen. Thank you very much Jaycee, you have just spared us torture from Jackie Chan.

Japanese star Hoshino Aki is truly the original “child face with enormous chest”. She is in Taiwan for a photo shoot and said she would love to meet Taiwan’s own Yao Yao. Yao Yao said she had always look at Hoshino Aki’s pictures with her male classmates back in high school, but she was looking at her face and not her body...

Super Idol judge Huang Guo-Lun and his girlfriend “The last virgin of Taiwan’s show business” Nancy Kou are rumored to be married. According to reports, the two married last November while on vacation in Jerusalem. They are not officially responding yet but in a phone interview, Nancy Kou did say she didn’t want to lie and needs some time to think over it before commenting.

AK will be taking their performance to the streets of Taipei this weekend. They obtained their street performer license last October and will be showing pedestrians what they are capable of. It will serve as a warm-up to their concert in May. The boys are worried that no one will show up to watch them, which is indeed a valid concern.

The stars of the new drama Xiang Lian (就是要香戀) were filming on location in Taoyuan. The drama will star Kingone Wang, Tiffany Hsu, Alice Tzeng and Viter Fan. Despite being the supporting actress, Tiffany Hsu was still the center of attention following Ethan Ruan's hotel incident. She avoided all questions about the scandal and said she wanted to focus on the new drama, in which she will be playing a star.

The hugely popular Teacher Niu Er talks about the ever-changing faces of celebrities in his new book. He suggested that Takeshi Kaneshiro had this eyes done and Jolin Tsai looked like she over-did the facial lipo a bit. He also praised the almost 50 Alex To for looking like 27, and then denied he had said any of the above a few days later.

One Million Star's season 1 contestant Sharon Li is doing pretty well in the mainland show Migu Stars School. She and Super Idol's season 3 contestant Sukie Chung will try to make it to the round of 4 on the 19th.

Show Luo topped the albums chart of Five Music and G-Music for 9 straight weeks. Other chart toppers include JJ Lin, F.I.R. Rainie Yang, A-Lin, and 300 year-old band Wynners (of all people).

Dylan Kuo is playing "Star Tiger" in a new mainland series about the 12 Chinese zodia signs. His character is a warrior who was raised by a tiger.  Yes, this would explain the ridiculous outfit and makeup.

Terri Kwan supported her friend to model a new line of accessories at a promotional event. The accessories didn’t really matter because they were no competition to her underwear.

Jay Chou, along with Zhan Yu-Hao and Devon Song, visited three primary schools to meet with youths. At their second stop, the school’s principal was obviously one of the many viewers who are not watching Pandamen – He introduced them as Bat-Superman and Batman. Jay Chou also said that it would be better for him and Jolin to just remain friends, “When I opened my own company, I found out it was really difficult. For an artist like her, it would be good for her to have her own company.”

S.H.E’s Hebe will celebrate her 27th birthday on the 30th with a special event. She is set to have a concert at The Wall in memory of a friend who passed away last year on her birthday because of heart disease. All proceeds minus the cost of production will be donated to the Cardiac Children’s Foundation of Taiwan.

Viewers are not too happy with actress Chen Zi-Han who played Jerry Yan’s girlfriend in Down With Love. She was strangely dubbed over by an overly cute voice that didn’t quite go with her facial expressions. Poor Miss Chen is probably not used to silly Taiwanese idol dramas, where cartoon-voice actresses are the norm.

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