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FT Island continued their Taiwan promotion by doing an outdoor "stamping" event that attracted 3000 fans.  It was supposed to be a hand-shake event that turned into signing, and eventually reduced to stamping due to the group's fatigue.  Lee Hong-Ki joked that he felt "like a customs officer at the airport, stamping continuously".

Stephanie Sun Yanzi will be performing at the KTP Music Carnival on April 4th. She recently tweeted that she hopes to complete her new album this year.

Jay Chou was rumored to be directing a bio-pic on the legendary Hung Yi-Feng who passed away last week. Jay clarified that he will be writing a song in memory of Hung Yi-Feng, but won't have time for directing this year as he is busy with his new album and concert tour.

Xiao Xiao Bin won't dress up as Snow White because like he said, "I'm a boy, not a girl. I don't wanna be Snow White!"

Frog Prince Gao Ling-Feng celebrated his 60th birthday on Feb. 28th. Despite turning into a "Frog-senior" from a Frog Prince, Gao Ling-Feng still managed to finish a 5KM marathon in 38m 10s last year.

Patty Hou was asked about recent accusations of Jay Chou taking the "First night" from a little-known singer and rumors of her virginity. In response, she said the cowboy is very busy.

Devin Wu was in tears when she went to a recording of Kangxi Lai Le.  She has made quite a name for herself over the past weeks by revealing that she has lost her virginity to Jay Chou at 16.  Devin Wu is currently participating in a CTV singing contest (like One Million Star for celebrities) and has considered leaving showbiz for good.  Miss Wu shouldn't really worry because her 15 minutes of fame is almost over...

Ethan Ruan's management denied that he will be taking over for Chang Chen in the upcoming John Woo-produced movie The Assassins. They also denied rumors that Ethan Ruan will be focusing on his film career rather than returning to TV (silly idol dramas). They said he would like to take on challenging roles that he hasn't played before.

Ethan Ruan's costar Mark Chao will also be taking some time off following the success of Monga. He will undergo training for the movie version of Black & White until it starts filming in June. Although Mark Chao is not available to take on a new role, his management would like everyone to know that he can still take on endorsements. (May we suggest a new line of Man-pris...)

Shou Luo revealed the secret to maintaining his weight during the CNY holidays -- Strengthening his arms by playing Mahjong, and working out his legs by shopping in Japan.

The Little Tigers go their separate ways again after their short, 15-day reunion for the CNY and Chinese Valentine specials.  There have been rumors that organizers are offering up to 30 million (NTD) for them to go on tour again.  However, Alex Su is already booked for the rest of the year, so the 3 tigers joked that they will see everyone again in the next year of tiger (12 years from now.)

Coco Lee preps for her upcoming concert by doing 2 hours on the treadmill a day.  She's not floating in mid-air, it's just that the background was edited out.

Vincent Liang
is surprisingly hot property among female stars.  He recently filmed an episode of Kangxi Lai Le and got a triple-dose of confessions from its female guests including Makiyo.  In response, Xiao Liang (Vincent) said she is the most lethal, because of her baby face and hot body.  He will have to consult his dad before proceeding further. 

Ah Ken and Amber Ann spent their CNY in Japan not as a couple, but to film a commercial.  Due to their comedic roots, they couldn't help but re-enact the Jay Chou-Patty Hou couple when they were photographed in Japan.  Amber Ann said, "No one was following us, (so we) just imagined there was and had a little fun."

Vivian Hsu returns to Japan with her new single "Beautiful Day".  She recently gained 4 kg to play a pregnant woman in a new movie, but the result wasn't obvious as she has a small frame.

Devon Song said Jay Chou can maintain the same position over a 16-hour flight.  Jay Chou explained that he knows everyone is checking him out all the time, so he has to look his best to stay cool.

More Korean stars will be visiting Taiwan soon following FT Island's departure.  Jang Geun-Suk is having a sold out fan meeting on March 7th, while Lee Seung Gi will be having a concert at the TICC on April 17th.

Leehom Wang began filming his directorial debut Love Announcement. The story does sound awfully lame as reported earlier, but hopefully he can save it by casting himself and the very pretty but much younger Crystal Liu as the leads.

Dee Hsu (Xiao S) is not concerned about criticisms over her on-screen behavior.  She said she is not the mean-talking TV personality in real-life, but she does become a little concerned with the expression of her husband's face when he sees her hugging the hottest male stars. 

Otaku fans rejoice! Dou Hua Mei (Tofu Pudding Girl) will be releasing her first EP in April.  She recently became the spokesperson for a B&B website.  She is dressed as a maid in the campaign and said if she has her own B&B place, she would filled it with bunny rabbits.

Popular Super Idol judge Huang Guo-Lun joins Li Jing as the new co-host of her show Diamond Club.  Of course they say it's all friendly and he is only there to help her take some of the loads off.  But we all know the truth is exactly like what's happening in this picture.

With the increasingly difficult music industry, some stars opt to finance their own albums.  Shino Lin is still in debt as she has yet to finish paying the compensation for killing a woman in a car accident.  She still managed to make her new album Shino and Her Songs with 1 million (NTD).  Meanwhile, Huang Pin-Yuan will release a new album called The Responsibility of Pisces.  It cost 5 million to make.

Amber Kuo
recently took a vacation in France but she was utterly disappointed.  She didn't do her homework as it turned out everywhere she wanted to go was closed.  She salvaged the trip by having a shopping spree and swiped $200,000 (NTD) on her credit card.  The highlight of her purchases?  A coat that cost $990 Euros that was mistaken for a blanket when she brought it back to Taiwan.

Amber Kuo
was not the only one that went on vacation recently.  Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen went to Japan over the holidays for some time off. He "claimed" to have accidentally walked into the Kabukichō red-light district and quickly ran away.  The Tokyo Disneyland certainly seemed more image-appropriate as shown by his picture here with Princess Jasmine.

More legal troubles for the top host Hu Gua. The prosecution of his gambling fraud case is investigating claims that he had asked one of the accused to provide false evidence. He won the award for Best Variety Host at last year's Golden Bell Awards.

Fan Fan was deeply moved by Fish Leong's wedding, but she was also overwhelmed by the amount work that was required. She said it's too late to plan for a summer wedding, so she and Blackie will most like to marry in the fall or winter.

Janine Chang denies that she is dating Mark Chao as recent rumors suggest that their relationship had cooled off. The rumored-couple will get to spend time together, along with Mark Chao's former rumored girlfriend Ivy Chen, when they all start filming the movie version of Black & White.

Source: Chinatimes, NOWnews, UDN

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