Aaron Yan becomes poison-eyed

A few days ago, Aaron Yan was performing in Mainland China, but when he came back home in Taiwan, his Mom shouted instantly, “How come your eye is so red!” He quickly rushed to see himself in the mirror, and found out that there was a blood clot on the upper part of his left eye. Surprised as well, he expressed, “I thought I was in a scary movie.” Since the area of his blood clot continued to expand, he immediately went to see an ophthalmologist.

The doctor believed that it may have been because Aaron had been working out too hard, which resulted in a breakage of the blood capillary. Another cause may have been taking too many flights in a short period of time, putting too much pressure on the eye. Luckily, it wasn’t serious, and the blood clot in his eye should slowly disappear after some rest.

Other than feeling a bit of pain in his left eye, his regular life activities are not hugely affected. His management company originally wanted him to take a break from work, but he didn’t want to let his fans down, so he will continue to attend activities and events as scheduled. Since Aaron has a high degree of astigmatism, he would wear contact lens during his performances, and then take them off after leaving the stage. Due to his love for beauty, he would rather not wear the eye patch unless it’s absolutely necessary.

The blood clot...

Aaron’s history of injuries
August 2007 – Surgery on right leg (Injured while practicing dancing before the album release)

October 2009 – sprained ankle (During rehearsal of concert in Taipei, injured from running and jumping)

February 2010 - intraocular pressure too high (Blood clot in eye, wears eye patch)

Source: Appledaily TW

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