The 7 faces of James Wen

James Wen is featured on the cover of this month’s Men’s Uno. The following article is an excerpt of his interview with the magazine.

The James Wen on-screen is all about portraying the characters he plays. Sometimes they are sentimental, sometimes they are simple and honest. After taking off his virtual wrapping, James Wen “acts” as James Wen, and talks about the many roles he plays in real life. For example, like the student who has made a habit out of skipping classes, a celebrity who doesn’t care about gossips, a boyfriend who appears when he is needed, a brother who is so close to his sibling as if they are buddies, as well as his latest role, an author.

The Student James Wen

During his days as a student, James Wen said he “liked to read. Reading doesn’t necessarily means textbooks, but it’s true that I like to read.” Apart from trying to get all-pass on his schoolwork, he spent the rest of his time reading the books that he liked. As for which kind of books, “I’m omnivorous. As long as I’m interested in something, I’ll find a book to read about it.” Like Grimm’s fairy tales, stories from idioms, Tang poetry, Arsene Lupin during his days in primary school. “It was the kind of Arsene Lupin books with a yellow cover. I had 3 to 4 of those.” During university, he read about philosophy and religion, “I don’t have any system, I just enjoy reading. Like when people said Nietzsche was a tragic hero, I would read up on it to see what his theory was about.” Most recently, he has been mainly reading novels.

The Artist James Wen

He treats his showbiz career like a business -- rigorous and put in his full effort. He wasn’t able to adapt to gossips and scandals in the beginning. Eventually he felt that it was part of his job, like it was something that entertained people, so he didn’t care anymore. “Your way of living won’t change because of entertainment, but instead it becomes more colorful because of entertainment.” He added, “There is only one kind of truth. It is already difficult enough for people to learn about themselves during their lifetime. The biggest problem people have is themselves. They can’t even understand themselves, how would they have time to care about what others think?”

The Model James Wen

James Wen exudes the posture of a model in whatever he wears. Off-screen, he likes to wear jeans and t-shirt matched with a leather or suit jacket. “I like something comfortable, and don't like being restrained.” On how to look good in clothes, he felt “exercising and toning are required. Even just a white t-shirt with jeans will look great.” He usually buys CK underwear and t-shirts, as well as pieces from Giorgio Armani, like jackets, watches, etc… And yes, he has liked wearing suits ever since high school. The earlier description of his days as a student revealed traces of this history (on his preference for suits).

The Boyfriend James Wen

“It’s all good as long as we can get along happily with ease.” He said he relates to his girlfriend the same way he does with everyone else. There is nothing special, “I like the feeling of being at ease, there is no need to hide anything.” As for the most romantic thing he has ever done, his answer is a surprising one – He would appear whenever he is needed. Appearing at the right time requires a certain kind of understanding, like a connection at the heart and mind. No matter if the other person is in a good or bad mood, “I will know when she needs me. I will try to make it.” However, his dedication to his career is also his shortcoming as a boyfriend, since he can’t be by her side all the time. His commitment would eventually give her a sense of stability. However, in the process of getting there, she would have to experience the loneliness of not being able to see him all the time.

The Friend James Wen

On friends, he said he is a very brotherly person, “We are brothers as long as we are on good terms today. If you do something that you shouldn’t be, I can careless about you.” He has a group of friends that he has been close with since childhood. They often go biking, sing at the KTV, play pool and golf, etc… Since there is no conflict of interest between them, a simple greeting can already make him happy.

The family member James Wen

His family consists of his dad, mom, older brother and him. He is the youngest of the family, but acts like the little leader. His words hold a significant weight, and he is very close with his brother. The personalities of the two compliment each other. He provided the following example: If grandpa is the king, in which he has to bypass their father and give the throne to one of his five grandsons, then “I would be chosen as the crown prince for sure, while my brother will be the one helping me.” To further explain this, he feels that his brother is the one who manipulates the king in the background. His brother is like the underground king; while he looks like he has control on the surface, his brother in the one strategizing in the back. He looks after the outside, and his brother looks after the inside. When he was asked to name his favorite family member, he said “I like them all, and can’t be without anyone of them.”

The Author James Wen

He traveled to Hokkaido for his new book “The Moment of Meeting Realism” (the book’s official English name is Wen Sheng Hao in Hokkaido Photo Essay Book”). Following his return from Japan, he would film from all day long until the evening, and work on his writing at night. He often kept on writing until dawn, and then it was time for him to go back to work. He said he can actually write during anytime. It was just that it’s quieter at night and he can be alone. In addition to the concerns of writing a book as compared to a blog, he also doesn’t like redundancy. He hopes every line in the book has many levels of meaning, but they can be presented in a simplified and concentrated way.

When asked why he chose to release a book at this time, he said, “Because it has already been 10 years since the millennium. Life vanishes just like that. I suddenly realized that I’m not a kid anymore. I have to face death, marriage, losses, and other questions that I have never even thought about before. Ten years make a cycle. I want to take a look back at these ten years of my life, or even further back to my childhood.” Another reason for his book release was that 2009 marked a new start for his career, as well as it was his tenth year in showbiz. In regards to his next book, he hopes to present a series of short stories. He might need to retreat to work on his writing again, because this one might take even longer to complete.

The full article is available in issue No.127 of Men's Uno TW.  For a more in-depth look at his "body", please kindly proceed here.

Source:, Chinayes

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