Xiao Xiao Bin is the most watched idol star on TV

We didn’t forget about Xiao Xiao Bin in our ratings recap earlier, because his contribution in the idol drama battle really deserves its own separate/spam post. King Bin appeared in both Autumn’s Concerto and Down With Love on this past Sunday night, in which the dramas finish one-two in the ratings.
Down-with-Bin vs Autumn-Bin

For audiences ranging from the age of 25 to 44, the highest interval rating for Autumn’s Concerto was *13.25% at 11:06 PM, while Down With Love was 6.77% at 11:41 PM. The super cute actor happened to be featured in both of the highest rated segments of the respective dramas. Xiao Xiao Bin was watched by 2.51 million viewers on Autumn's Concerto and 1.22 on Down With Love, making him currently the number one most watched idol star on TV!

*This highest interval rating for the overall age range was 9.50%

Source: TVBS, UDN

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