Wu Chun shows off his abs in the February issue of GQ

Wu Chun has always been marketed as a "quality idol" during his days in Fahrenheit and idol dramas. His management company would insist on hiding his multiple tattoos whenever possible. However, after completing two movies, Wu Chun now gives off a much manlier vibe, along with style and personality.

The singer/actor frankly admits that he felt uneasy about his quick rise to the top. He is not like many idols who think they are very good at what they are doing. Wu Chun acknowledges the fact that he did not come from a performing arts background, “(I) got pulled into acting without knowing anything, and even my Mandarin wasn’t good. (I) really want to take some classes to improve myself.”

Many would envy Wu Chun’s success with Fahrenheit, idol dramas and movies. However, he doesn’t like it this way himself and said it is very difficult to be in all three aspects of showbiz at the same time. He explained that he likes to focus on one thing at a time. For example, when he got into body building, he researched the nutritional values of all kinds of food. When he became interested in basketball, he learned to play all positions, and even became a national player, “I don’t like being divided into different pieces, acting plus singing, it’s very difficult to do both together.”

The full interview with Wu Chun is available in this month’s GQ.

Source: UDN

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