Wu Chun is next in line to become Universe's Strongest?

Wu Chun attended the premiere of 14 Blades with Universe's Strongest Donnie Yen and costar Kate Tsui yesterday. He has been in the news almost daily as a result of the 20-day promotion tour for this movie. Wu Chun said he was able to handle the action scenes with ease, because of his athleticism and experience with boxing, as well as training that he underwent before filming started.

Although it was physically demanding to shoot 14 Blades, Wu Chun was unfazed by the experience. He plans to do another action film again when the right role comes along. He complimented costar Donnie Yen for his ability and professionalism, “Donnie Yen had to deal with a large number of action sequences. Because he was always half-naked with his muscles showing, he would workout whenever the camera stops rolling. If I have to act while half-naked in the future, I will work hard like Donnie Yen too.”

At the premiere of 14 Blades in Hong Kong, Wu Chun was asked about lead actress Vicki Zhao’s rumored pregnancy, “I didn’t know. Of course I would congratulate her if it’s real since it’s something happy. Even if Kate Tsui becomes pregnant, I would congratulate her.” Donnie Yen complimented Wu Chun for being good-looking, athletic and humble. He said Wu Chun will become an action star in the future when he gets more chances. When asked if he would take on Wu Chun as his apprentice, he said he hasn’t thought about it yet and it all depends on fate. Wu Chun was asked how he feels about becoming the pupil of the Universe's Strongest. He said if the chance arises and Donnie Yen accepts him, he would feel honored.

On the left: Wu Chun with costar Kate Tsui who is not pregnant
On the right: Wu Chun shows off some "free-style" Chinese calligraphy

Source: Mingpaonews

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