What's S.H.E doing for the New Year?

9 years together, looking better than ever!

Record-breaking mandopop girl group S.H.E. has been together for 9 years and for Chinese New Year they have been given 9 days vacation. Ella and Hebe returned to their respective hometowns to be with their families while Selina is taking a trip with her and sister to Japan.

Ella's red envelope might bite her if she doesn't spend it soon.

Ella took advantage of her break to return to her hometown of Pingtung. She says that taking walks and riding bikes around the village is her most effective way to relieve stress. This year, she received $500,000 NT worth of red envelope money. When asked what she was planning to spend it on, Ella replied, “When I was little, my mom would joke that I treated my red envelope like a monster that would bite me because as soon as I received my money I would always go to the grocery store and buy candy, never saving any of my money.” Now, Ella uses her income towards her sister to help her with her funds and insurance.

Hebe wants to live on a farm with her friends 

Likewise, Hebe returned to her childhood home of Hsinchu to be with her family for the New Year. She is planning a two-day/one night stay at a farm with her classmates from middle school to have the experience of a primitive lifestyle. Unlike her band mate, Hebe has always been frugal with her red envelope savings. However, she admits that when she reached high school, she started dating, and ended up spending all her money to pay her phone bills. She reveals she has neither financial common sense nor any interest in pecuniary matters and hires a financial planner for all her monetary needs.

Selina's good luck ritual of New Year's Eve shopping

Selina is taking advantage of her hard-earned vacation by touring Japan with her sister and mother. Her favorite thing to do over the New Year Holiday is to play mahjong with her relatives, and she always ends up being dealt a good hand. She loves wearing red this time of year to bring in good fortune. In her family there is an unspoken rule that before Chinese New Year, Selina’s mom would always take her and her sister shopping for new clothes. But they were not allowed to wear their new clothes until after the New Year, giving Selina something to look forward to every year. “Now, I’m the one that takes my mother and sister to buy new clothes. We always go on New Year’s Eve to the department stores and we never put them on until the New Year’s Dinner or the first day of the New Year, it brings good luck.”

Source: Chinatimes, baidu

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