[Video] Taiwanese group Da Mouth hangs out with Korean group 4Minute

Several weeks ago, popular K-pop group 4Minute swung by Taiwan during their Asian concert tour and visited chart-topping Mandopop group and Universal Music labelmates Da Mouth 大嘴巴. The meeting between both popular musical outfits was highly publicized, and you can check out our post about it during that time here.

Since then, Da Mouth went on Channel [V]’s Top 20 Countdown program to provide co-hosting duties with the program’s current host and uber-cute Channel [V] VJ Candice 容嘉. During the broadcast, the members of Da Mouth introduced their fun interview with 4Minute, as the group asked the girls various things and played different kinds of games with them.

The video of the interview clearly demonstrated that the Universal Music labelmates had a blast hanging out with each other, and also showed that Da Mouth's guy members DJ Chung Hua, MC 40, and Harry enjoyed the young girls' presence, sometimes at the expense of their own female group member Aisa.  Definitely scope out the interview (with English subs too!) and see both of these great groups just having an awesome time together.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Da Mouth interviewing and hanging out with 4Minute (w/ English subs):

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