Van Ness Wu’s Japanese single “Reason” debuts on Channel [V] countdown at #4!

Over a month ago, Taiwanese actor/singer Van Ness Wu unleashed his incredible Japanese track “Reason” for Jpop fans to enjoy, and after enjoying some time basking in the ears of music listeners, Van Ness’ third Japanese single debuts on popular Channel [V]’s top ten in the East Asian pop music category! This category, which covers the latest and trendiest beats in East Asia outside of Mandopop, is listed with all sorts of A-list artists, and for Van Ness to make an appearance on the chart is quite an accomplishment.

The song was announced on the program itself by none other than Da Mouth’s very own Japanese female vocalist Aisa and Canadian-Taiwanese rapper MC 40. The two, who form half of the most popular music group on the Mandopop charts now, introduced Van Ness’ debut entry onto the East Asian pop music category in typical fashion: with Aisa giddy over stud Van Ness, and MC 40 trying to figure out what Aisa says whenever Aisa starts ranting in Japanese. For those of you who don’t know, Aisa herself played a key role in helping Van Ness with the Japanese translation to the lyrics for the “Reason” track, so it’s exciting to know that Van Ness and Aisa have a nice collaboration going. Hopefully we’ll see more of their work together, because “Reason” is an awesome track.

If you still haven’t actually heard or watched the MV, stop what you’re doing, scope it out, and see what you’ve been missing!

Van Ness Wu's "Reason" MV:

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