[Update] Van Ness Wu denies being involved in marijuana arrest

Earlier this month, Van Ness Wu's film company Smash and Grab Productions, which was co-created by Sammo Hung’s son and former Tension member Jimmy Hung, was searched by the police. Producer Chou Yi-Quan was arrested for possession of marijuana.

In addition to affecting Van Ness Wu and Jimmy Hung, it was also reported that more artists are under the suspicion of drug-use. Concerning  the news, Van Ness Wu denied his involvement through his assistant, “It has nothing to do with me.” Chou Yi-Quan also took all responsibility in his interview with the media, “It was my personal behavior. It had nothing to do with other people.”

Van Ness Wu converted to Christianity in 2008 and has since given up alcohol and sex, along with other big changes in his life. Earlier this year, he attended The Festival of God`s Power Conference and prayed for patients at the event. Only half a month later, the unexpected arrest of t his staff member Chou Yi-Quan turned him into a suspect as well, as he is the owner of the company.

Although Chou Yi-Quan declared himself as Van Ness Wu’s assistant, Van Ness (who is currently in Japan) denied this claim through his assistant. They insisted that Chou is a producer, not a personal assistant, and he has nothing to do with this matter. The other person in charge of the company, Jimmy Hung, also denied that he had any knowledge of it. He said a staff member from his company made a mistake doesn’t mean his company has also done something wrong.

This won’t be the first time Van Ness Wu has been dragged into scandals that made headlines. 20 years ago, his biological father Wu Jia-Qi fled to the US after he was wanted for accepting money illegally. After his arrest warrant expired last April, he met with his son in Taiwan for the first time. Back then, Van Ness Wu thought his fame had caused problems for his parents.  He defended his father saying everything had passed, and one must learn from his mistakes.

Here is Van Ness's response to the eventsClick here

Source: NOWnews

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