Van Ness Wu and Jimmy Hung speak out about recent drug scandal

Van Ness Wu talked to the press for the first time on the 21st alongside Jimmy Hung about the recent drug scandal. The two stars were accidentally dragged into the scandal for their staff member’s drug use. Their film company was searched by police several weeks ago, in which producer Chou Yi-Quan was arrested for possession of marijuana.

After his fan meeting, Van Ness Wu and the son of Hong Kong action star Sammo Hung, Jimmy, held a press conference to clarify their involvement in the case. Jimmy explained in a serious tone that his dad was very angry after hearing about the drug scandal. He said he was sorry to have implicated his dad, but he added, “We really didn’t do anything wrong!” Jimmy Hung reiterated that he and Van Ness Wu have nothing whatsoever to do with drugs.

Van Ness Wu sent a text message to Chou Yi-Quan before the press conference saying "Love you, only want you to be happy” as an encouragement. He said everyone has done something that they should not have done, and he prayed for Chou once he heard about what happened. Van Ness also quoted a passage from the bible to reaffirm his innocence.

In addition, Jimmy Hung expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the scandal was reported by the media. He said the use of titles like “International drug trafficking groups using ABC” along with photos of him, Van Ness Wu and Sammo Hung were misleading the public. He also offered to complete a urine test to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Van Ness said he will comply with police’s investigation and do a urine test if he is asked to.

A clip from the press conference

Source: UDN, Nownews, Chinatimes

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