Trouble brewing for Summer’s Desire

The drama starring Barbie Hsu, Huang Xiao-Ming and Peter Ho made headlines with its big budget and big-name actors when it began filming last year. Actor/producer Peter Ho recently admitted that the drama has been delayed as it is still being edited, but their trouble doesn’t seem to end there -- News surfaced indicating that TTV has backed out from airing the drama, and other major networks have yet to show interest in acquiring the drama's broadcasting rights.

Summer's Desire was completed last July and originally scheduled to air on TTV this year. Apparently, the drama's production team was notified that they no longer need to include the TTV crew in the drama’s credits. Director Jiang Feng-Hong confirmed this news and said, “We were working on adding the TTV staff in the credits recently, but they have notified us that there’s no need to add the related subtitles anymore.”

The networks are reportedly concerned about the age of the drama’s A-list stars, with Barbie Hsu at 33, Peter Ho at 34 and Huang Xiao-Ming at 32. The cast of Summer’s Desire are older than most actors currently active in idol dramas. Jiang Feng-Hong analyzed, “Apart from their age range not fitting with the Sunday night idol dramas, although Huang Xiao-Ming is a big star, his Taiwanese fan base remains a minority. Moreover since the budget was too high, the asking price per episode was up to 800K (NTD), as compared to the 500K for most idol dramas.”

Jiang Feng-Hong did have something positive to say about Summer’s Desire, “The style of this drama doesn’t fall into the idol drama category. It looks great and is very much like the love-hate relationships you see in Korean dramas. It can be said as the ‘Flower Series' (popular drama from the 90s) of idol dramas.” TTV has no comment in regards to the rumors, while Peter Ho’s manager said, “We’re not concern with which network it’s being sold to. This is taken care of by GTV.” As for GTV, they said they are not aware of the news about TTV backing out from airing the drama. They stated that they are not fixed with working with any one particular network, as they also collaborate with FTV.

Check out the trailers for Summer's Desire here.

Source: Liberty Times,

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