Trendy Show Luo is an expert on men's beauty

In Show Luo’s (Xiao Zhu) latest album, “Rashomon,” there are many over the top sunglasses and accessories. Trendy-Man Show admits that he likes these over-the-top accessories a lot and likes to be high profile on and off screen. Show expresses that he’s even more high profile off-screen, where his clothes are even more “over (board)”!

In order to follow close to fashion trends, Show’s stylist used a lot of stylish sunglasses, earrings, ties, furry capes, and scarf to use in his image. Show explains that to be a Trendy-Man, it means to break out from the fashion-norm and to tryout different fashion styles, showing off yourself.

Show expresses satisfaction towards his image in “Rashomon,” where he says that it is a form of "visual" breakthrough. Show also reveals that he likes new styles, and sometimes feels that his usual personal style is better than his album promotion style created by his record company. For example, some of the over-the-top sunglasses are from Show’s personal collection. He emphasizes that in actuality, he likes to be high profile, unlike other stars who like to keep a low profile off-screen. He adds that he likes to be recognized by people on the street, so he always wear “trendy” clothes.

Show says that it’s good to be beauty-obsessed than to try and remedy or get plastic surgery after growing old. He pays a lot of attention to skin care. Besides doing face-masks, he uses different regime to take care of his skin like moisturizing, scrubbing, applying concentrate and lotion. In addition, Show reveals that he also takes Q10 supplements to maintain tightness in his skin.

Show Luo is known to be beauty-obsessed

Show supplies his own trendy glasses

Show loves to be high profile - over the top diamond sunglasses with minimal viewing range

Source: NOWnews

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