SJ fans suffer from fraud, uncovers 70 ticket scalpers

South Korea's idol group Super Junior's song Sorry Sorry set off a craze in Taiwan. On the 20th and 21st, they will be heading to Taiwan for their concert. Tickets have already been sold out with lightening speed.

However, there are more than 60 fans who were swindled when trying to buy tickets online. On the web, there have been continuous complaints about being swindled. Fans posted up messages about how they were swindled so that other fans wouldn't also be fooled.

On the 20th and 21st, Super Junior will hold their concert in the Taipei Arena. The tickets for the 20th were completely sold out within 3 hours last year and for the additional concert on the 21st, rock zone tickets were sold out within 3 minutes while seating area tickets were sold out within 1 hour. It can be seen that they were heavily sought after.

Fans cheated out of NT$200,000

Those fans who were not able to obtain tickets turn to the internet to seek tickets -- resulting in being swindled. Presently, the police have estimated that at least 60 people, with college students making the majority, were cheated out of money varying from NT$4000 to NT$200,000.

Websites report additional swindlers

Presently, some fans are warning other fans to watch out on auction sites. On the organizer, Super Dome's, online forum there have been much discussion. Fans have been complaining and relating the course of events that led them to be swindled.

Choking sound of arrogant ticket scalpers

In addition, Super Dome's staff spent 2 months uncovering ticket scalpers and cancelled around 100 tickets. Many fans also jumped to report scalpers so as to safeguard other fans. Some scalpers were uncovered from behind and, when hearing about the cancellation of their ticket qualifications, made phone calls to beg for forgiveness going as far to arrogantly say in a chocking voice, "Can scalpers not watch concerts?"

Source: Liberty Times

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