Singer A-Do gets mistaken for Ken Chu

Singaporean singer A-Do is making a come back after being away for three years. He will be releasing a new album this month titled Fearless (its Chinese title literally translates to “Nothing to be afraid”). He recently visited Yangmingshan National Park to shoot the music video for his new single “Hear a Cow Crying”.  Although the song's title might suggest a more rural feel, A-Do showed up at the filming with a brand new image wearing a suit and mustache. A group of middle-age women who happened to be hiking in the area and commented, “It’s F4’s Ken Chu shooting a MV!”

A-Do (i.e., Counterfeit Ken Chu)'s "Crying Ox 聽見牛在哭" MV:
Source: UDN, Appledaily
Video Source: AsiaHolicCpop

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