Show Luo’s sweet ballad “Love Doesn’t Travel Alone” receives MV treatment

When I heard that Taiwanese entertainer Show Luo released another MV for his sweet ballad “Love Doesn’t Travel Alone 愛不單行”, it got me thinking: how many MVs has Show already released off his “Rashomon” album? I lost count, but all I know that it’s a lot. Typically, artists keep releasing MVs to promote their latest album until it’s no longer financially worthwhile.

Show, on the other hand, already exhausted any non-trivial financial gain and really didn’t need to release another MV. Show could have stopped with his MV for addictive tune “Head over Heels in Love” and be proud to have had reasonable success with his latest album outing. So why did Show even bother releasing another MV? Fan service. That’s the only explanation.

Anyway, Show put together another MV that reminiscences scenes from his recently completed idol drama “Hi! My Sweetheart”. The melody is very familiar-sounding, as it has that “Love Around the Corner” vibe from his previous idol drama “Corner with Love”. It’s not a bad ballad, and it’s an appropriate addition to his library of ballad accomplishments. The only question that’s left is: what’s Show's next musical move?

Show Luo’s “Love Doesn’t Travel Alone 愛不單行”:

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