Show Luo lost 10k per hour in gambling marathon

The multi-talented entertainer returned to work yesterday after the Chinese New Year holidays, but he won’t be adding the title of “Professional Gambler” to his name anytime soon. Show Luo attended signings for his new album Rashomon and began the day by handing out red envelopes to his staff, with each containing NT$6,000. He started at noon in Pingtung and worked his way to Kaohsiung.  Many fans came out to show their support, including some that even brought along family members from all three generations.
Creatures with dark eye circles

Show Luo dedicated himself to the Mahjong table over the holidays, and he has dark eye circles to prove it. He started a Mahjong marathon on New Year’s Eve and played until the next morning. Show took a break and slept till the evening before returning to the table.  The battle eventually went on for five days before he drove down to Pingtung for work. In total, Show spent 48 hours on the Mahjong battle and lost $500,000 to family and friends.

Although he must still be hurting from the losses, Show didn’t forget to give back to the community. He will donate an outfit from his Trendy Man Concert for an auction to support the “Lit the fire of life” event. A charity sale will be held  on the 24th at 10AM in the headquarters of Chinatrust.

Here is a clip of him showing his magic "touch" on the Entertainment 100% CNY special:

Source: Liberty Times, Guardian UK

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