Seul-ki Kim sings Wu Bai, Mollie Chang responds with Wonder Girls on Super Idol

On the Jan. 20th broadcast of popular Taiwanese talent show competition Super Idol 4:
  • Korean contestant Seul-ki Kim 金實基 performed legendary Taiwanese Mandorock star Wu Bai’s “You are My Flower 你是我的花朵” song.
  • Taiwanese contestant Mollie Chang 張依安 responded by performing popular K-pop girl group Wonder Girls“Nobody” song
Wait, what?

In an interesting “nationality switcharoo”, the show’s last pure dancer Mollie and the sort of trilingual singer Seul-ki each took on tunes from each other’s countries as two of the remaining 18 contestants vying to not sit on the loser’s chair by the end of the program. The two singers have an interesting dynamic on their own, as Mollie has the largest fanboy network with her sexy looks, while Seul-ki has developed the most passionate fangirl following as they witness their very own homegrown Korean idol-in-training.

The interesting consecutive performances first began when the audience was treated to host Li Jing kindly correctly Seul-ki’s Chinese occasionally, with Seul-ki responding in astonishment, before getting the audience highly pumped up when the host announced that Seul-ki would be performing legendary rocker Wu Bai’s energetic tune and dance. Just watching the audience dancing along with Seul-ki just brings a huge smile. The judges definitely got a treat from Seul-ki’s performance, calling his performance incredibly cute and special, while also praising him for choosing a very fitting song.

Not to be outdone, Mollie Chang came on stage with a much more revealing outfit than the one that has been a trademark of Wonder Girls for their well-known “Nobody” song. While the original tune by the Wonder Girls is getting close to overstaying its welcome in the music world, Mollie’s solo version was hugely refreshing by providing a mix of her professional dancing and wonderful English singing. The judges totally agreed, as they dug Mollie’s outing in yet another memorable dance performance.

Mollie Chang’s cover of Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”:

Seul-ki Kim’s cover of Wu Bai’s “You are My Flower 你是我的花朵”:

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