Rainie Yang’s latest MV a “Tick Tock” catchier than previous dance tunes

After teasing Mandopop fans with a brief snippet and a Japanese version of the same tune, Taiwan’s pop princess Rainie Yang has finally released the full-length version of “Tick Tock” (alt. name: Youth Bucket), the first dance tune to emerge off her January 1st album release “Rainie & Love…?” The dance MV also follows the heels of previous ballad MVs “Rain Love” and “Anonymous Friend” and cutesy duet “In Your Eyes” with Show Luo.

Regarding the MV itself, viewers are treated to all sorts of eye candy. The MV initially hints at a humorous love story as Rainie tries to grab the attention of the guy playing opposite of her, but that premise is mysteriously dropped as the focus of the MV shifts to dancing quick-cuts and punchings of computer-generated floating clocks. On the bright side, you can check out Rainie sporting zany pink afro hair in western comic panel-style, which is a somewhat related in concept to her most recent heavily anime-inspired idol drama.

Song-wise provides a different story. Rainie will always be known more for her ballads from her earlier days, like classic songs “My Intuition/Ai Mei” and “Ideal Lover/Li Xiang Qing Ren” off her 2005 freshman debut that launched her singing career. That doesn’t mean that Rainie hasn’t had her share of dance tunes though, but her track record on dance tunes being memorable ones have been severely lacking, as all her previous dance tracks have been largely forgettable. The same can’t be said for “Tick Tock”, as the song is actually really catchy with the synthesized beats and the addictive tick-tock chorus.

Despite the catchiness of Rainie’s “Tick Tock” track, the song does reveal a well-known flaw about Rainie that’s been known to Mandopop listeners for quite some time: Rainie’s not a strong singer. Give this same exact song to either Jolin Tsai or Elva Hsiao, and those singers would blow Rainie’s version out of the water. One could even argue that Della/Ding Dang or Angela Chang could pull off a superior version of this song. But would we get to hear Rainie’s cute, squeaky voice during the chorus part? Of course not, and that’s perhaps one redeeming factor of Rainie that can’t be replicated.

Besides, if it were sung by someone else, it would just be another dance tune; but since Rainie sung it, it’ll be considered her best dance track. That’s alone is impressive enough.

Rainie Yang’s “Tick Tock (Youth Bucket)” MV:

Source: AsiaHolicCpop

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