Rainie Yang and S.H.E take their shows to the Taipei Arena

Fans will have to dig deep into their pockets to catch their favorite stars at the Taipei Arena this year. The super old Super Band and Korea’s Super Junior started the year off by selling out both of their double-concerts. They were followed by the Backstreet Boys who returned to the stage yesterday with 90% of their tickets sold.

Local stars Rainie Yang and S.H.E are scheduled to have their concerts later this spring. It is the first paid-concert for Rainie Yang after making her debut 10 years ago in the girl group 4 in Love. Her concert is set for April 24th and will be an opportunity to prove herself as a legitimate singer. S.H.E, who already has years of touring experience, will take the stage on May 29th. They are under pressure to do well in ticket sales, as Show Luo is having his sold out double-concerts only two weeks prior to theirs.

Meanwhile, A-Mei Chang has three shows scheduled for the Kaohsiung Stadium and Taipei Arena as her alter ego A-Mit. Soon-to-be retired singer Liu Chia-Chang will have his concert on April 4th. Despite ticket-prices that are up to NT$ 8800 and 6600, fans have already snatched up the most expensive seats to see Mr. Why’s dad for one last time. Unfortunately, other singers aren't as lucky at the box office -- both Coco Lee and 300 year-old Hong Kong band Wynners have only sold about 50% of their tickets.

The Taipei Arena has been a popular choice for top artists to hold their concerts since its grand opening in 2005. The state-of-the-art facility is notorious for its expensive rent and even more outrageous ticket prices depending on who is performing. Not all stars are capable of selling out their concerts, especially for those who don’t have enough sponsors to give away some free tickets. An increasing number of performers are taking their shows to venues other than the Taipei Arena. Mostly recently, stars like Rain and Mayday had their concerts at the massive Kaohsiung stadium. Singer A-Lin and newcomer Miu Zhu will have their upcoming shows at the modest Riverside Live house and Legacy Taipei respectively.

Stars with upcoming concerts:
03/19: A-Mei is always a fan favorite no matter if she is A-Mit or Catwoman.

03/27: Still a lot of tickets left for those who want to see Coco...

04/03: Many filial children will take their parents to see Liu Chia-chang's show.

04/10: He might look creepy in this poster but Harlem Yu is an incredible singer.

04/24: Rainie Yang will have her endurance tested in the 2hrs+ show.

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