Rainie to show off her D-Cup in upcoming concert?

As reported earlier today, Rainie Yang is set to hold a concert at Taipei Arena on April 24th. At the press conference, clips of Rainie from when she first debut were shown. Rainie, thinking back how she was criticized for being tone-deaf, suddenly got emotional and was overcome with tears. For the upcoming concert, the 32B and 162cm Rainie has decided to surpass her previous limits, where she will be showing off her legs and chest. She laughs, “I can go for a D-cup, but G-cup would be too much of a burden. I’d probably suffocate!”

Rainie has been in showbiz for 10 years and has released five albums. The “Princess of Cuteness” expresses that she doesn’t like being an idol, but rather, hopes that her fans can focus on her singing skills. She also admits that she doesn’t have a great body nor is she exceptionally pretty, and can only be considered as an “average” celeb.

The concert name is “異想天開” (Wild Fantasy), and for the poster, Rainie’s stylist made a dress built with 170,000 pieces of lego, costing thirty-thousand dollars (NT) and ten people to assemble. Rainie plans to showcase this masterpiece and share with her fans to let them take photos with it.

Rainie’s good friends Jolin Tsai, Show Luo, and ELVA all recorded a video to send their blessings. Rainie reveals that she became friends with Jolin at a certain award ceremony, where she was crying backstage after being frightened by the media’s questioning. At that time, Jolin sent her a text message to encourage her and she felt very touched. Rainie even compliments Jolin that her body is still as fit as always after taking a 2 to 3 months break, making her want to go on a diet.

Netizens have expressed that they hope to be moved to tears at Rainie’s concert, but Rainie makes fun and says that it’s extremely hard for her to cry, “I’m worried that I’ll be criticized for being cold blooded for not crying!”

News clip of the press conference

Just in case you missed it, here is Rainie's performance at the New Year countdown show:

"Rainie Love" & "Take Me Away"

Source: UDN news / video: RnBeliever, CpopAccess

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