Qiao En Chen and Cheryl Yang thank fans for topping Apple Daily’s “Queen of the Bras” poll

The Taiwanese edition of top tabloid Apple Daily recently ran a poll ranking the leading ladies of the Taiwanese entertainment, encompassing those from both the musical and acting industry. The criteria? Bras. The purpose of the poll was to determine which Taiwanese female entertainer is most worthy of the title of “Queen of the Bras”, and so Apple Daily crowned the top five queens for this sexy category based on a tally of 1,159 votes. The award given by Apple Daily didn’t necessarily depend on size in order for the ladies to achieve victory, as popularity and the entire beauty of a person were taken into account for the poll.

Of the top five given the distinction from Apple Daily’s poll, the ample D-cup Qiao En Chen had the overwhelming majority with 52% of the votes, compared to C-cup actress Cheryl Yang of “My Queen” fame in second place at 22%. The veteran actress Qian En, who starred in quite a number of top idol dramas such as supreme ratings success "Fated to Love You", is currently in China’s Hangzhou province filming a new drama titled “Blue Wedding Days 藍色佳期”. She was quoted from her first reactions to this news by saying, “Thank you everyone who voted for me, regardless whether you’re male or female.” Regarding her transformation to success since her days as a young girl, Qiao En confidently responded, “Everyone mistakenly thought I wouldn’t take the sexy route, but I can take on many shapes.”

Runner-up Cheryl also gave thanks to her fans for the support and expressed, “Much thanks again and again. I also want to thank (lingerie company) Mode Marie for still continuing for cultivating me for three years and letting me wear those beautiful bras.” When asked if she might not be satisfied at being in second place, Cheryl’s laughed and said, “Not at all! It’s good for some people to like it. It doesn’t matter if I’m the runner-up.”

The entire top five from Apple Daily’s “Queen of the Bras” with the rest of the entries can be seen below:

1. Joe Qiao En Chen 陳喬恩’s 33D cup with 52% of the votes

2. Cheryl Yang 楊謹華’s 32C cup with 22% of the votes

3. Bianca Bai 白歆惠’s 33B cup with 14% of the votes

4. Jocelyn Wang 王怡仁’s 33C cup with 8% of the votes

5. Landy Wen 溫嵐’s 32C cup with 3% of the votes

Winner Qiao En Chen’s famous bra commercial:

Runner-up Chery Yang’s famous 3-year bra deal with Mode Marie:

Source: Apple Daily

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