"P.S. Man" Blue Lan can't steal Xiao Xiao Bin's heart

Big and Little “P.S. Men” and heart-stealers Blue Lan and Xiao Xiao Bin battled to the finish in a bumper car race today. Blue may have won the race but lost a place in Xiao Xiao Bin’s heart. Blue admits that he has enjoyed working with Xiao Xiao Bin very much and, “I have given my heart to him.” But Xiao Xiao Bin’s heart remains with his real father, Xiao Bin Bin.

SETTV’s new drama, “P.S. Man”, premieres tomorrow on the 28th. Blue Lan specially arranged a playdate with Xiao Xiao Bin to play bumper cars at an amusement park so that the “Little P.S. Man” could experience the thrill of a “death race”. To his surprise, the little toddler was already experienced at bumper cars and it was Blue himself who was the amateur! Having never driven a bumper car before, Blue was in high spirits racing around with Xiao Xiao Bin.

Because Xiao Xiao Bin is obviously too little to drive a bumper car by himself, he sat in daddy’s lap during the race. Though he had to witness Blue’s vicious and competitive facial expressions, Xiao Xiao Bin was not afraid of him at all. Blue prevailed in the first round, and in the second round the P.S. Man teamed up with Xiao Xiao Bin against his father Xiao Bin Bin. However, in order not to hurt the little guy’s feelings, Blue lost on purpose to Xiao Bin Bin. He laughed it off, saying that he “finally understood how to think about children’s feelings.”

In the drama “P.S. Man”, there is a scene where Blue has to drive a small school bus carrying 5 kids and co-star Sonia Sui. However, during filming Blue wasn’t paying attention and pressed the gas pedal first before realizing his mistake and slamming the brakes. Unbeknownst to him, the little kids’ faces all slammed against the window from the impact. Blue laughs embarrassingly thinking about that image in his head, he says, “The scene was almost like from a cartoon. I quickly apologized to the children afterwards while Sonia was still at the side laughing.”

As many of his friends are already married, and coupled with his newest role opposite a toddler in “P.S. Man”, Blue has on different occasions blurted out “I want to be a father now.” In response to his recent interactions with Xiao Xiao Bin, Blue feels the most important thing is to earn his trust. He laughed and said to Xiao Xiao, “I have given my heart to you.” And Xiao Xiao Bin’s response? Blue replies helplessly, “His heart belong with his father.”

News video of Blue Lan and Xiao Xiao Bin's bumper car excursion

Source: Chinatimes, Sohu

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