Pandamen is retarded, Jay Chou can't become cool [Updated with screen caps]

Besides suffering defeat at the box office, "Director Jay" Jay Chou's leading movie, Treasure Hunter, was also voted by numerous online users at PTT as 2009's worst movie. And the self-directed, self-acted, first series of his that he, himself, called "retarded", Pandamen, aired its first episode the day before yesterday. The ratings came out yesterday as 0.77 resulting in it being fourth out of the four shows in the same time slot.

Ratings not as good as expected for the millions spent on production

Jay was very proud of the price of Pandamen saying, at the China premiere, that it cost NT$110,000,000 to produce describing the series with only one word, "cool." However, at 10 the night before last, it aired on CTS and the ratings were not so cool. It lost to the four shows in the same time slot: CTV's Million Star with 2.18, FTV's K.O. 3an Guo with 1.53, and TTV's Lucky Days with 0.79.

Likes to roll tongue when speaking, words have Chinese characteristics

In addition, the audience's opinion of the Pandamen series was lowered due to works being spoken with tongue rolling despite being broadcast in Taiwan; There were too many specialized terms that took on Chinese characteristics, wafer chip "jing ping" became computer chip "xin pian". In addition, cartoons were included in the series seeming as if it was for little kids, the plot line had no purpose, and many have pointed out that it was really as Jay described -- the plot line was really "retarded".

Best ratings CTS has achieved in nearly a year

Jay has said on the official website, "My life requires no more Golden Bells or high ratings for evaluation." Furthermore, he emphasized that his series, whether it is said to be childish or not, still represents a "new hero" and is a "historical moment." The TV station also said on behalf of him that Pandamen has achieved the best ratings that CTS has had in nearly a year for this time slot. It is doing well in the 15-44 age range and liked by office ladies.

Jay to make an appearance at the end of the month to save Pandamen

Jay has said that the friendships in making this series accounted for a large part. Sure enough, Yu Hao's status followed suit and rose. There have been TV stations contacting him to act in comedies. Producer An Jing Hong also said, "Jay's appearance in the cartoon was barely 2.5 minutes, but it burnt up NT$ 1,600,000. It was made considerably well." With the low ratings, it is predicted that Jay will be going to Mt. Hua Cultural Park for a fan meeting to personally do promotions.

Source: UDN


Here are some screen caps from the first episode:

Detective Leo Li played by Jay Chou and his animated self

Panda Superman dodges bullet a la Matrix style

Wind blows at Jessie Chiang's hair whenever she's on screen...she plays a piano teacher

Zhan Yu Hao plays a fellow teacher and Panda Superman as well

Jiu Kong bullied some kids and got punished
Friends of Jay Chou and other random people showed up
Jerry Yan was there too
Source: CTS, zybear

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