Pandamen and K.O.3an Guo share the same level of intelligence?

Pandamen's Devon Song and Zhan Yu-Hao attended a CTS event to promote their struggling drama. Despite the wide spread criticisms on Pandamen, Jay Chou and company might have something to celebrate about after all. Following the broadcast of Pandamen last Friday, some viewers praised the CTS version as a step-up from the butchered one that was edited for mainland China. Devon Song said he hopes the “uncut” version of Pandamen will make its way back to the mainland one day for a “counter attack”. He revealed that Jay Chou took offense in losing the ratings battle to K.O.3an Guo. The FTV/GTV idol drama has also been categorized as retarded by netizens.

A big win over Pandamen is certainly something worth cutting up a chicken for...
(From the left: Wu Hu Jiang's Shao Xiang and Si Wei Hong Zheng

In related news, the boy group Wu Hu Jiang, or Wu Hoo, from the other “retarded” drama KK.O.3an Guo got into the kitchen to show off their cooking skills…..or the lack of it. It has been awhile since the boys have cooked anything, therefore even making the simplest dishes would have them running in circles. Fortunately, leader Benji had some culinary experience and was able to save face by with his Chinese entrees. Meanwhile, the rest of the guys could only learn as they go and cook up dishes that look better than they taste.

Source: Liberty Times, Chinatimes

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