Nominees for the 5th annual Golden Plum Awards

From Appledaily HK, the nominees for the 5th annual Golden Plum Awards have been announced. In 2006, Isabella Leong won the worst actress award for the movie, “Bug Me Not!” After having a taste of the plum’s sourness, she redeemed herself with “Isabella,” where she was awarded as best actress at the 2007 Fantasporto Film Festival. This year, Appledaily HK continues its annual Golden Plum awards, targeting Chinese movies.

The final winners are decided by votes from movie fans, and online voting will begin shortly. The results will be announced the night before the Hong Kong Film Awards (April 17).

The nominees for worst actress : Lin Chi Ling (The Treasure Hunter), Zhang Ziyi (Sophie’s Revenge), Elanne Kwong (Seven 2 One), Stephy Tang (Poker King), Kay Tse (Split Second Murders).

The nominees for worst actor: Jay Chou (The Treasure Hunter), Van Ness Wu (Kung Fu Chefs), Hu Jun (Kung Fu Cyborg), Wong Cho Lam (Short of Love), Master Szeto (The Unbelievable).

The nominees for worst movie, director: “Murderer” Roy Chow, “The Treasure Hunter” Kevin Chu Yen Ping, “Sophie’s Revenge” Jin Yi Meng, “On His Majesty’s Secret Service” Wong Jing, “Kung Fu Cyborg” Jeff Lau.

 Both Chi Ling and Jay are nominated as worst actress and actor for the same movie.

Even So Ji Sup can't save this mess (Sophie’s Revenge).

Elanne Kwong (Seven 2 One) might be able to make it two in a row after winning for "Scared 2 Die" last year.

 Stephy's stiff acting definitely got her the worst actress nomination.

Kay Tse might be better off sticking with singing.

Kung Fu sure didn't help Van Ness in cooking.

Serious actor Hu Jun was definitely in the wrong "vehicle".

It's no doubt that Wong Cho Lam is a great comedian, but just short of some acting skills.

Master Szeto's documentary was just unbelievably unreal.

The nominees for worst movie...

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