No Wonder Girls gaining fame in Taiwan with their entertaining Mandarin K-pop covers

One trend that has been garnering quite a bit of attention is a cover band by the name of No Wonder Girls (NWG), a less-than-subtle play on the name of South Korean girl group Wonder Girls (WG).  The group, which consists of female members Xiao You 小優, Xiao Bai 小白, Yin Yin 茵茵, Bao Ka Ka 咖咖, and male member Da Ye 大野, are also cast members of variety show University that originally formed as a parody group of sorts to the popularity of Korean pop music.

The group first started hitting its stride several months ago in November on the mega-popular Taiwanese talk show Kang Xi Lai Le, when the five members were introduced alongside popular Mandopop groups such as Color and performed their Mandarin version of Wonder Girls’ track “Nobody”.  Despite the original WG currently promoting their own Mandarin version of the hugely overplayed track, significant parts of the Korean girl groups’ version are still sung in Korean and English, in contrast to NWG’ version being nearly completely done in Mandarin.

After receiving some healthy exposure from the November taping, the members of NWG recently made a comeback for the Chinese New Year broadcasts by singing Mandarin versions of Kara’s “Mr.” on Kang Xi Lai Le and Girls’ Generation/SNSD’s “Genie” on University.  The “Genie” performance was a reasonable performance that included highlights such as male singer Da Ye replacing SNSD’s Tiffany’s line “DJ!  Put it back on” line with “University students!  Happy New Year!”, the girls doing sexier, more grown-up dances, and Da Ye doing the rapping part at the end.

It was NWG’s rendition of Kara’s addictive “Mr.” track though that stole the show.  Their performance was jam packed with tons of highs, ranging from their energetic singing, their excellent conversion of the song in Mandarin, and even their fine emulation of Kara’s most famous “butt dance”.  It was definitely a welcome sight to see NWG perform “Mr.” that vocally rivaled Kara’s live version of the same song.

NWG’s recent performances a couple days ago not only was a notable improvement from their debut back in November, but also showed how much potential these guys have after showcasing their compelling Mandarin covers of K-pop tunes.  Here’s to hoping that we can hear more from these guys in the near future.

No Wonder Girls' performance of "Mr.":

No Wonder Girl's performance of "Genie":

No Wonder Girl's performance of "Nobody":

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