New S.H.E track “Only to Fall for You” marks first song for group in 2010

If it seemed like it’s been eons since Taiwan’s biggest female export S.H.E has released an album, you wouldn’t be that far off. Not since the autumn of 2008 has the girl group featuring the trio of Selina, Hebe, and Ella released a studio album, so it’s no surprise that fans of Mandopop’s most famous girl group are highly anxious for a 2010 album release. “But wait!”, some of you might say. “Didn’t S.H.E release their ‘Map of Love’ album back in summer of 2009?” To which I shall reply by saying that doesn’t count, since it’s an internet album that only had two new songs. Two good songs, yes, but still only two.

Therefore, when news came out earlier this winter that Ella would be in a new idol drama, S.H.E fans rejoiced. Not just because they get to see S.H.E’s tomboy member star once again since 2006 drama “Hana Kimi”, but because a S.H.E member in an idol drama guarantees a new S.H.E song as well. The latest song, “Only to Fall for You”, has already been making rounds around the web after its debut in Ella’s latest drama “Down with Love”. But since people might have not seen that drama yet (*cough*"Autumn’s Concerto"*cough*), now seemed like a good idea to introduce S.H.E’s newest song of 2010.

The song itself is definitely a trademark S.H.E. ballad, as we are treated to Selina and Hebe trading serenading vocals, while Ella chimes in with her typical rap parts. The trio’s voices are so distinctive in Mandopop that even new songs released by them feel like taking a walk down memory lane. I mean that in a good way, because less talented artists that try to pull off something similar would instead be labeled as recycling old songs.

Honestly, it’s good to hear another S.H.E song. It hasn’t convinced me enough to check out “Down with Love” like S.H.E’s “How Have You Been Lately?” did for Hebe’s 2007 drama “Bull Fighting”, but in this current S.H.E music drought, it’s like an oasis until a full studio album release.

Mad props once again to urasiansourceCpop2 for broadcasting this MV on her channel!

S.H.E’s “Only to Fall for You” track:

“Down with Love” Ending Credits:

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