New MV from Weng Li-You gets banned for naked girls

Singer Weng Li-You won his first Golden Melody Award last year with his fifth album Xing Qi. The winner of Best *Taiwanese Male Singer is coming back with a new album titled Unspoken Secrets. He said that it is a big challenge every time he releases a new album, because he wants everyone to see a new side of him.

Weng Li-You, who is also known as Only You (which phonetically resembles his name), recently spurred controversy with his new music video. The video tells the story of two lesbians with scenes depicting the lovers kissing, as well as showing them sitting naked on the floor. SETTV and ONTV requested his record company to edit out various scenes, in turn making “Unspoken Secrets” into “Unaired Secrets”.

Weng Li-You/Only You said, “The two actresses worked very hard. Their most brilliant and professional performance cannot be seen. It’s very unfortunate.” In response, SETTV explained that their operations department reviews each video carefully. If there is anything that might break the broadcasting laws, they would request the client to edit their content.

*Referring to the Taiwanese (or Min Nan) dialect.

Only You can withhold such unspoken secrets...

Here is the actual MV

Source: Appledaily TW, UDN, wildteam1974’s channel, mhung1967's channel

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