Network promotes Because of You with a new title

The new drama Because of You starring Baron Chen and Lego Li was off to a rough start last Sunday when it debuted with a 1.02% rating. Everything seems to be working against it as it is in a heated ratings battle with competitors like Autumn’s Concerto and Down With Love. And then there are also fans of Hi! My Sweetheart who are still mad after their show was cut short because of it.

TVBS, the network which is also airing this series along side CTS, has been trying to help out with the promotions by airing news clips about the drama. Sharp-eyed viewers caught on to something strange and noticed that the title of the drama was listed backwards in their newscasts. The Chinese name of Because of You literally translates to “Fairytale Under the Starlight” (星光下的童), but TVBS showed it as “Starlight Under the Fairytale” (童話下的星光).

The drama’s production team at CTS rolled their eyes, while others pointed out the lack of professionalism by TVBS. In response to their mistake, a TVBS representative said, “It was a neglect by the reporter. (We) will investigate internally.” They would like to apologize to the viewers as well.

Promotional clip from CTS (with the right title)

Source: Liberty Times, UDN, gar0922

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