Stars come out in full force for Monga's premiere party

After months of hype and non-stop promotions, Monga finally had its premiere on February 4th as reported earlier. The movie is set to hit theaters on the 5th and is under tremendous pressure to perform well at the box office. It has received some positive buzz after a press screening last month, but competitions will be extremely tough as Confucius and 14 Blades are being released in Taiwan on the same day.

The premiere party for Monga was described by the media as an event even bigger than the Golden Horse awards. Over 50 celebrity guests attended, in addition to 250 staff members and an estimated audience of 3500 watched the premiere showing in 5 different theaters simultaneously.

The red carpet was extra long as it covered Wuchang Street from beginning to end, and nearby businesses were greatly inconvenienced due to the area being closed off. The long walk was physically challenging for some celebrities, especially veteran variety host Chang Hsiao-Yen.  She said, “(I) had to run because it was almost too late. (I’m) out of breath.” Kangxi Lai Le’s Cai Kang-Yong exclaimed, “This so grand. It's incredible.”

Lead actors Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, Alice Ke, along with director Niu Cheng-Ze arrived last and received the loudest cheers. A slight incident occurred as the power went out when Mark Chao addressed the crowd with a microphone. The staff joked that the stars were so electrifying, even the power cables gave out.

News clips from the premiere:

Source: Nownews, CNA, gar0922's Channel, UDN,

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