Monga closing streets on the 4th, requests underworld brothers to help?

The movie Monga will start showing on February 5th. The night before (4th), a premiere was held at Wuchang Street, West Gate district. It was estimated that more than fifty attendees were there at the premiere, including Chang Fei (from Variety Big Brother), Wu Bai (rock singer), Sodagreen, Chang Hsiao-yen (host, actress), and others. It is truly a grand occasion rarely seen in the past few years. Such a large scale party will alsoj a new record for the  scale of Taiwanese movie promotions.

Before Monga had begun shooting, they had already gone to Cannes for promotions. Furthermore, by the assistance of Taipei's film committee, they were able to shoot two large-scale street scenes and even broke the country's record by having more than 120 Taiwanese theaters screening it. Monga also holds the momentum of the Chinese New Year under its belt. Experts predict that the first weekend box office will have 1,500,000. Producer Li Lie expressed that he did not dare to think about the box office. Even a real underworld brother who participated in the movie felt the pressure. Li Lie said with a smile that one of the brothers, due to being reprimanded severely by Ma Ju-lung because of his performance, said in distress, "What do do, if I go out now, others will all laugh at me saying that I can't do anything."

On the night of February 4th, at Taipei's West Gate district, the premiere will be held on the streets. Apart from the cast and crew Niu Cheng Ze (director), Li Lie (producer), Ethan Ran, Mark Chao, Ke Jia Yan, Emerson Tasi,  Ma Ju-lung, Shong-Ling Lin, Xi Deng Jun, and others, the invitations also include including Director Hou Hsiao-hsien, Director Wang Tong, Director Lee Xing, Director hu Yangping, and artistes Chang Fei, Wu Bai, Sodagreen, Chang Hsiao-yen, Jam Hsiao, Wang Bojie, Kaiwo famous models, and others, and even the Mayor Hau Lung-pin, Deputy Mayor Li Yong-ping, and Sheng Wen and his wife, etc., are expected to attend the premiere.

Source: NOWnews

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