Monga: The Chibi Edition

The movie Monga has not only been a big success at the box office, its tie-in merchandise is also a hit with movie fans. Adding to the Monga mania, a netizen recently created chibi versions of the characters from the movie. He successfully captured the distinct features of each character, with many netizens commenting, “They are really too cute!” The chibis have been posted on the author's blog for download so fans can use them as their MSN display pictures.

Whether it is the Rhydian Vaughan's mullet or the shower cap-wearing gang boss Geta, they all deserve 5 stars for resemblance:

From the left: Mark Chao, Rhydian Vaughan, Ethan Ruan

Huang Deng Hui, Ma Ru-Long, Emerson Tsai 

Alice Ke, Chen Han-Dian

(They can be downloaded from and

Monga was previously predicted to surpass the 530 million (NTD) box office record set by Cape No. 7 as the highest grossing local movie. Unfortunately, with news of the movie already becoming a popular download on the Internet, it is unlikely to match that record. Producer Li Lie is heartbroken by the news, but director Niu Cheng-Ze hopes everyone can support local films by joining the fight against piracy.

Source: Nownews,

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