Mark Chao meets with Mr. Paddington

It has been a few days since we updated about Monga, but with new numbers coming out everyday, we will update the totals at the end of the week in our newsbits. Just in case if anyone is curious, Monga crossed over the 75 million (NTD) mark yesterday. While his new movie is dominating the local box office, Mark Chao followed in the footsteps of his Monga costar Rhydian Vaughan, and modeled the latest Mr. Paddington man-bags by Chloe for Chinatimes:

Mark Chao demonstrates that Mr. Paddington can also be used as a weapon when swung with full force...

Many staff members came to get a glimpse of Mark Chao when news spread that he was coming for a photo shoot.  Some of them even commented with excitement, “This might be a once in a lifetime chance to see him. Of course (I) have to come take a look at him.”

Mark Chao visited the studio with Black & White’s Ivy Chen back in April of last year. He was noticeably more uptight this time around as his hyper costar is not here. However, after putting on a Dolce & Gabbana polo and other Calvin Klein men’s wear, Mark Chao finally relaxed as the clothing resembled his own off-screen style.

Although Mark Chao immigrated to Canada back in grade 5, he still enjoys practicing traditional New Year customs, such as bowing down to his grandparents and receiving red envelopes. He and his older brother spent their Chinese New Years rolling out their own dough to make dumplings for family and friends. In addition to saying their greetings, they will review their gains from the past year and their prospects for the upcoming one.

Following a breakthrough year that included earnings of over 10 million (NTD), Mark Chao's biggest gain was to be able to affirm his direction and condition. He will continue to challenge himself with acting and said his New Year wishes are, “My parents being healthy and big success for Monga!” When asked if he plans to present his elders with big red envelopes, Mark Chao said he still wants to be his parents’ son, implying that he will stay on the receiving end of red envelopes until he gets married.

Source: Chinatimes

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