Mandopop artists showcase their songs on WAHSBBT CNY 2010 Special

Because of the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday, many variety shows from countries around East Asia were broadcasting CNY specials to partake in the festivities.  Taiwan, of course, was one of those, and many of their variety shows had special editions specifically catered to the holiday as well.  One of those variety shows, WAHSBBT, had a ton of entertainment goodness to kick off the festivities featuring performances from both famous Mandopop artists and their own cast.  The artists that were on the WAHSBBT CNY 2010 Special included legendary rock band F.I.R., the quirky Won Fu, the lovable Jing Wong, otaku fantasy Yao Yao, and pop princess Rainie Yang.

Since there was so much performance goodness, this post will focus solely on the Mandopop artist performances and will save the cast performances for an upcoming post.  Enjoy these fine musical performances below in the mean time!

F.I.R.'s "I Wanna Fly":

F.I.R.'s "We Are":

Won Fu's"My Avenue":

Jing Wong & Albee Huang 's "Wo De Ma":

Yao Yao's "Love's Hug":

Yao Yao's "Give You Up":

Rainie Yang's "Tick Tock (Youth's Bucket)":

Rainie Yang's "Ai Mei" [Japanese Version]:

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