Magic Power’s next MV directed by Mayday’s Ah Shin, stars Japanese AV idol Sora Aoi

Japanese AV idol Sora Aoi listens as Mayday frontman and MV director Ah Shin gives instructions.

Taiwanese rock band Mayday’s lead singer Ah Shin recently supported his musical disciples Magic Power by taking the helm as the director for the filming of the next MV. Famous Japanese AV idol Sora Aoi was also invited to take part in the MV as the lead female actress, playing the part of the ravishing Kendo maiden pummeling the Magic Power bandmates with the ancient martial arts’ traditional hard wooden sword. Despite the fact that Sora was dressed completely with baggy clothes, that didn’t stop the members of Magic Power from jumping for joy without complaints from getting beaten up.

The six guys that comprise of Magic Power said that they were already overjoyed when their musical senior Ah Shin was invited to be the director of their upcoming MV. Little did they know that they would further be surprised later when the day before shooting of their MV for the song “Travel Back in Time 時間倒轉”, the band’s music company was purposely concealing something from them by telling them that they were searching for a cute girl for their MV. When the band arrived on location to discover the famous AV idol there, the guys were left speechless while they frantically pulled out their cell phones to take treasured photos of Sora.

In the MV, Sora plays a Kendo instructor that beats up her students with a hard wooden sword whenever they goof off or have incorrect posture. Director Ah Shin instructed Sora to not hold back and really smack the guys of Magic Power with her sword, but the tender Sora didn’t dare to exert herself as she kept hitting the band’s lead vocalist Ting Ting numerous times without him crying in pain. While Magic Power avoided any mention of seeing Sora’s AV works, other lead vocalist Ga Ga praised the actress by saying, “She’s still outstanding after her transformation, and is someone for us to follow by example.”

Sora also praised Ga Ga for giving off the impression of being mature and having a sense of being fairly reliable. After hearing Magic Power’s self-titled album, the actress became really fond of their energetic music style. Sora also stated that her favorite member from Mayday was Ah Shin, but when Ah Shin was asked if he had seen Sora’s videos, he laughed off the question in response.

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Behind-the-scenes video of Magic Power's new MV:

Source: UDN, hunantv

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